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The reasons that we sleep are gradually becoming less enigmatic.
Astronomers are on the verge of explaining the enigmatic variety of galaxies.
Like the play, the film unfolds in a series of enigmatic scenes.
This book adds spirit and life to our understanding of this enigmatic and important man.
Abandoned before birth by her enigmatic father, Rachaela has lived alone since the death of her mother.
After finding an enigmatic letter, a divorced woman encounters love.
Maybe the documentary will bring fresh insight about the enigmatic entertainer.
Menu said all the secrets behind the enigmatic painting have yet to be revealed.
He was a poet, a movie maker, a master of the enigmatic object.
It requires silence, some form of isolation, and sustained concentration in the presence of an enigmatic thing.
Most of this novel, however, is resistant to the reader's focussed attention-it reaches for enigmatic profundity but meanders.
He graciously agreed to answer a few questions about his experience and the enigmatic colonel.
Even when he was altering the course of history, he did not cease to be enigmatic, unpredictable.
He appears there as an enigmatic figure whose life and work were sometimes referenced but rarely critically examined.
Yet even the often enigmatic workings of our mind are not immune to the probing of modern science.
In addition, cyber crime seemed to mutate into new enigmatic forms, forcing bewildered police to learn new tricks.
The result is a mesmerizing series of portraits of those enigmatic denizens of the deep.
Gamma-ray bursts are enigmatic flashes of radiation that can last from a few milliseconds up to minutes.
The small population of cells have remained enigmatic because they have been difficult to target specifically.
Instead, there is what might be called an enigmatic entanglement between the two.
Smell is a powerful and evocative sense yet also a deeply enigmatic one.
Dark matter is so enigmatic-you can't see it, you can't taste it or feel it-that it's bewitching.
There's also an enigmatic dive in which the seals sink slowly, then drift back up to the surface.
Her enigmatic smile has seduced millions of art lovers.
Searching the health-food stores for a supplement that actually works can be an enigmatic and costly endeavor.
They poke out into the photosphere as loops, prominences, and those enigmatic signposts of solar activity-sunspots.
It slices an enigmatic path through wildly varied topography.
From time to time reports were made about the enigmatic ruins.
Two sumptuous new coffee table books offer decidedly different insights into the enigmatic colossus.
Initially shocking, these sights serve to inspire some of the more enigmatic metaphors of the film.
Even receiving such an enigmatic card pleased me immensely.
Scholars aren't even sure how this enigmatic civilization disappeared.
Still, she exudes a misty, undefinable star quality: there's something edgy yet enigmatic in both her appearance and her manner.

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