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In the purchase of foreign commodities this enhancement in the price of corn may give them some little advantage.
However, in olden times turning to chemical enhancement wasn't controversial-it was a given, he added.
The players find a better way to clean their system or a new enhancement that avoids detection.
The dynamic circuit network is really an enhancement of a traditional network, rather than a replacement.
Their purpose should be to calm the nature of personal transport that now is often a form of ego enhancement.
It will depend on the slow and persistent enhancement of students' general knowledge, beginning in preschool.
It also permits a subtler response to neurotic irrationality in others, through the enhancement of psychological imagination.
As to the enhancement of the price, there is no question.
Limitless is one of the first movies to directly take on the idea of pharmaceutical enhancement.
The military have been using performance enhancement drugs for years.
It's on my list of must-have forms of reproductive enhancement, along with artificial wombs.
But here, too, bioengineering and genetic enhancement threaten to dislodge it.
The true test of this surgical revolution's technological mettle, however, will come in the area of performance enhancement.
Already-inbred populations can actually get genetic benefit of inbreeding enhancement by continuing to inbreed.
Books of all kinds are used for intellectual and social enhancement and understanding.
The enhancement aspect tends to subside after a couple of days.
Nevertheless, our personal efforts to bolster cognitive enhancement cannot forestall all declines in our cognitive performance.
It would be truly awesome to find another method that enhances vision past laser enhancement.
But it is impossible to determine what is and is not an unacceptable artificial enhancement.
The subjects who consumed the white chocolate had no real enhancement in their testing performance.
At some point, we'll have genetically engineering and enhancement which will make all of this nonsense moot anyhow.
The result will not be an enhancement of wheat genetics but precisely the opposite.
Telomerase enhancement will probably work, in theory.
But there is another near universal pizza delivery enhancement: the insulated sleeve.
He also describes the enhancement as representing both a step forward and a step back.
The cabin is also equipped with binoculars, a fish-cleaning table and a telescope for the enhancement of guests' vacations.
It is simply a matter of replacing the diffuser layer with a quantum-dot-enhancement film.
The academic promotion and enhancement of position in society would a way process.
When it comes to the brain, society now regards the distinction between treatment and enhancement as essentially meaningless.
But the implicit put option, at par value, is not backed up by any capital or official enhancement whatsoever.
The continuation or enhancement of these tax preferences would exacerbate this condition.
One side tends to talk of right and wrong, the other of self- enhancement and the importance of feelings.

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Though to the larger and more trifling part of the sex, imbecility in females is a great enhancement of the... more
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