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Example sentences for enhance

Taking time to review ways to enhance your business will enhance your life.
Hobbies also enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.
Our experts enhance the travel experience by providing an informed and unique perspective about the destination.
They may seem a bit pricey, but a few go a long way to enhance other foods.
The uneven stone rim and creeping vegetation enhance the lazy lagoon mood.
The image was processed to enhance subtle color variations.
Henderson's whimsical illustrations nicely enhance Fred's canine capers.
This will enhance exhibition opportunities and provide more space for shops, educational activities and dining facilities.
He uses rich poultry stocks to enhance the flavor of soups and sauces.
New research shows that certain memory exercises can enhance intelligence.
Technology functions as a tool to enhance your experience, rather than as an end in itself.
Driverless trains enhance the sense that the whole thing is less a piece of architecture than one big machine.
Those pieces were made not to be pedestalled, as treasures, but to enhance lived protocols of perception and feeling.
Also, these two walls are such beautiful elements in themselves that they enhance the image overall.
For instance, it may be possible to design a drug that would enhance spindles in light sleepers.
Enhance the geographical character of the destination by developing and improving it in ways distinctive to the locale.
For best results allow the mixture to sit for an hour to combine and enhance the flavors.
Setting a cluster of color against a simple background will enhance the mood.
We continue down the path of innovation today, offering new features designed to enhance your outdoor experience.
Policy responses to climate change should therefore support and enhance indigenous resilience.
We enhance the natural habitat and secure these pieces, build up the wildlife and turn them back into safe land for wildlife.
They are looking instead to private industry and other commercial activities to enhance their funding.
Substances released by some tumors, including prostate cancer, enhance clot-busting and thus promote bleeding.
We found that the postural stability tended to enhance during mastication of chewing gum.
As such, he looks for the best in the humans he hopes to enhance.
We don't allow steroids even though in some ways they enhance physical performance.
In agriculture, the genes of crops are modified to enhance desirable features and eliminate undesirable ones.
And there are other industrial processes that could serve to limit or enhance warming.
The star then excites the molecules, and the cavity mode will enhance the stimulated emission.
Many paper manufacturers add fluorescent chemicals to enhance the apparent brightness and whiteness of their products.
Blizzard allows some third-party developers to create scripts and in-game add-ons that enhance the user interface.
They have used this period to enhance their production and processing technology.
These efforts to enhance the status of psychiatry were undertaken deliberately.
Creating a dissertation-support group made up of fellow doctoral students can enhance your productivity.
Once the change happened, the college and its professors would be expected to enhance all electronic texts in useful ways.
Educational progress abroad will enhance other nations' high-tech sectors, increasing their ability to innovate.
Used instructional technology to enhance pedagogical technique.
We have only begun to use print and digital resources to enhance and extend each other.
Online schooling will definitely help to enhance learning in the future.
Students are trained to use video-editing software and can enhance their reports with audio slide shows.
Yes, professors need help understanding how technology can transform and enhance pedagogy.
It appears to alter brain activity in a long-lasting way that can enhance cognition.
Meditating on them might enhance feelings of autonomy and intrinsic motivation, creating a mind-set that promotes success.
And body movements which are connected to negative emotions tend to enhance cognitive ability.
Many people are working to harness renewable energy sources more effectively and to enhance energy efficiency.
Ok you're talking about the water that they say would enhance the sequestration.
When in trouble, they could enhance the chances of their rescue by making noise.
Vision therapy gave me the physical skills to enhance my brain function.
But an ever-increasing proportion goes towards luxuries that do little to enhance our wellbeing.
Both can enhance cognitive functioning, even in normal people, relatively safely.
The goal is to enhance the natural beauty of the plants with a large artistic networked lighting display.
Season with salt to enhance their natural sweetness, then sprinkle on balsamic vinegar or lemon juice.
Each of the three now has lucrative deals in place that could enhance their standing or--as is the nature of business--could flop.
Fruit juices, purees, and fruit pectins enhance the fruit content boasted on the package of many brands.
Even targeting dissemination of the information to scientists who request it will likely not enhance the public's health.
And in a crisis some diversity in the system tends to enhance stability.
Admissions of guilt are also said to enhance the prospects of being shown clemency in the future.
Population trends could enhance these promising developments.
As it is, a trial designed to enhance his authority, risks undermining it.
Each room is arranged to enhance the marvellous clothes, as clips from his otherworldly runway shows play in the background.
Work for a private-equity or hedge-fund firm, using borrowed money to enhance returns.
The economic engineers who work on it should preserve and if possible enhance labour-market flexibility.
When politicians turn to today's deficit problems, it is vital that they choose policies that enhance long-term growth prospects.
But you open the email and it's an offer to sell you prescription drugs or to enhance parts of your body.
Mountain ranges can further enhance low-level jet stream winds.
It's his outer shell that helps enhance his fantasy value in several ways.
First, mountains enhance rain, whether the state's normal day-to-day rain or rain from a storm.
Everybody has one, for beauty spots are not respecters of persons, and they enhance every one's beauty.
Photos distort members' faces and seemingly exist to only enhance a secretive aura.
Restaurants use animal fat and salt to enhance flavor.
Fox suggests stuffing not only herbs and spices but butter underneath the skin on chicken breasts to further enhance flavor.
At the end of the day, consumers will want something practical that will enhance their lives in concrete ways.
And you enhance your health instead of mortgaging it.
But the move failed to enhance cooperation between the two sides.

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