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Example sentences for engulf

They have developed a journal-publishing culture that threatens to engulf them.
The changes that are about to engulf the wireless industry are as technologically disruptive as was the first mobile phone itself.
Periodically, great dust storms engulf the entire planet.
Maybe it happened to you this morning: you entered the shower and the curtain moved in to engulf you.
We are ground zero of an explosion that will engulf all reality.
Problems that engulf casts of people usually have required casts of people to create.
But if a crisis does engulf the world, that may be a leap some are willing to make.
At that point they expand, becoming large enough to engulf any inner planets.
Such fusion might occur after white blood cells engulf tumor cells.
As our canoes float into the rocky shoal, the lilies seem to engulf us, the giant pale flowers reaching to our chins.
If not, the lava flow will likely slowly engulf the home, crushing it and burning the remains.
Bows, arrows, swords and slingshots threaten to engulf them.
They are a cancer, if left at it is it will engulf the civilization.
As they drowned, and the fire began to engulf the rudder, she grabbed a small board and floated away.
Legal parameters engulf all medical examiner jurisdictions.
Thanks to instant distribution, a personal scandal can occasionally engulf the entire globe.
If those natural dams give way, the water would engulf vast areas downstream, endangering.
As they advance across the forest floor they engulf everything in their path.
In fact, motion-picture production could eventually engulf us.
The crises that engulf us have something in common: they are all problems of democracy.
These scarcely are the accents of comedy, let alone of the knockabout farce soon to engulf us.
Instead, a crisis of confidence again threatened to engulf his firm.
These cells are also able to engulf the crystals, break them down, and remodel them into real bone.
The blue whale's skull is specially adapted to allow it to engulf large volumes of water.
When a baleen whale opens its mouth, its lower jaws pull apart to increase the volume of water they can engulf.
From those calculations, the scientists also figured out how much water whales of different sizes could engulf.
The immune system makes these lymphocytes specifically to engulf and destroy cell-invading pathogens.
If he is operating at the line of scrimmage, the larger blockers will usually engulf him.
If a viable virus presents itself later, the antibodies signal immune-system cells, which engulf the invader.
Friends and relatives swarmed onto the field to engulf the soldiers.
Proliferating bacteria will have begun to engulf the lymph nodes, local headquarters of the body's disease protection system.
Neutrophils engulf bacteria upon contact and send out warning signals.

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