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Example sentences for engrossing

Not only was it engrossing in its own right, it had some professional interest for them.
Clouds of hashish smoke rolled through the tent, and the drumming injected the space with a thick, engrossing energy.
It's all the more engrossing because viewers can correspond with the characters and even affect the plot.
Not entirely fair, but more engrossing than human talking heads would have been.
Over the next five months these tiny missives would morph into a complex, engrossing and even lyrical narrative.
His writing was absolutely engrossing from beginning to end.
There is something utterly engrossing about witnessing the spectacle of blithe ignorance in the face of impending doom.
It made for an engrossing five-year-arc, but let's end it now.
Views from the suites are made all the more engrossing by the telescopes that the management thoughtfully provides.
But for tight, merciless tension and venom, the movie is uncommonly effective and engrossing.
The discussion of plea bargaining is particularly engrossing.
One way was through folk art, an engrossing pastime for the maker and a continuing delight for the viewer.
Perform the enrolling and engrossing bills, memorials and resolutions.
We should take advantage of this medium to teach physics in a manner that is engrossing for our students.
Though many had never used a camera before, all produced vivid, engrossing scenes of camp life.

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