engrained in a sentence

Example sentences for engrained

It is so engrained in them that they must give that one correct answer.
With a tradition so deeply engrained, it won't be easy.
In other words, the focus on working the system for maximum economic benefit is so engrained it has almost become heredity.
Scotch is pretty deeply engrained into the people, but among the gentry it is receding shockingly.
Yet the engrained belief in self-reliance and small government remains as well.
Since advertising is so engrained in our lives, marketing companies feel the pressure to get creative.
Besides, the tattoo is engrained in their skin so it's not a distraction to a hitter.
Another problem would arise if higher inflation became engrained in people's expectations.
Each nation is still engrained in its tribal cluster.
Words cannot express our deep sorrow, she will be engrained forever in our hearts.
The blacks one talked to on the road walked and spoke with an engrained flinch, their faces roasted in a crucible.
My education has engrained in me the belief that effective communication is necessary in every industry and field.
We have become so engrained cutting corners that some of us have forgotten how to do it correctly.
Ethical leadership and service was engrained in students' hearts, their minds and their souls.
Used for everything from setting the mood to symbolizing a new idea, light bulbs are engrained in our daily lives.
One realm that demands cuts are the renewable energy subsidies that have become so engrained in the renewable energy sector.
These memories, too, remain engrained in our hearts.
And two more over-arching themes that are closely engrained with quality of care: health care disparities and disease prevention.
These traits are deeply engrained cultural aspects that need to be understood by teachers, but they do not have to be shared.
Lifestyles and behaviors are engrained in us at an early age and it is time to learn new ones.
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