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One is to fund research with a strong emphasis on energy engineering and science.
It increased global trade and led to advances in disease control, science and engineering.
Few engineering feats today will last two centuries despite computer design and advance engineering science.
But his belief in the beautiful efficiency of natural engineering clearly anticipated the modern science of biomimetics.
Architecture is usually conceived as the aesthetic design of the structure, while the construction is purely civil engineering.
The convergence of biology and engineering is turning health care into an information industry.
Search for careers in science, engineering, business and technology.
Nanotechnology is a cutting-edge advancement within science and engineering.
See the best of these science and engineering visualizations in this gallery.
The article notes that science and engineering prevented this disaster from being a lot worse.
Engineering life is a fundamental mistake and irreversible.
Much of the traditional farming knowledge and engineering expertise was lost.
Gabions--wire mesh baskets filled with rocks--have been used for civil engineering purposes for centuries.
But the idea that the draft was a useful tool for social engineering endures.
Genetic engineering of plants and animals promises new ways to feed the world, but some see risks to the land and to human health.
Pervious concrete should not be installed on slopes without special engineering.
For many students, earning a degree in engineering is less than enjoyable and far from what they expected.
Biotech companies present their side of the genetic engineering debate.
He has a diploma in fine arts and has also studied electrical and mechanical engineering.
The beauty, delicacy, and superb engineering never ceases to amaze and surprise me.
Scientists are debating how genetic engineering and other technologies will reshape what it means to be human.
So further engineering is needed to turn them into useful materials.
Genetic engineering created this zinnia hybrid flower.
We are a fast-paced engineering team that prides itself in taking on big challenges.
Members of an engineering committee examine a wooden board driven cleanly through a plank by the tornado.
Researchers used an engineering technique to simulate how much each snout was stressed and strained during feeding.
Biomimetics is the concept of industrial design and engineering mimicking characteristics found in nature.
Calloway has had a fascination with engineering and all things mechanical.
UN troops have provided engineering help and heavy equipment to carefully uncover buried artwork.
Tissue engineering has been around for years, and researchers have made major progress in the last decade.
Big engineering systems existed, to be sure, before systems engineering.
During the information revolution, it became possible for those with an engineering mentality to control large amounts of capital.
He promised not to commercialise the genetic engineering of seed sterility, in effect terminating terminator.
Similarly, it divided its engineering efforts into activities such as designing prototypes and the necessary equipment.
Such engineering may ultimately point the way to improved gene therapy treatments for human diseases.
Faced with a consumer backlash, biotech is working on genetically engineered food without the genetic engineering.
Uh, potentially impressive but as yet uncompleted engineering feat that should have been unnecessary.
My undergraduate degree was in aerospace engineering and graduate degree was computation engineering.
We do not aim at perfection of detail even in engineering, much less in literature.
To me these boxes sitting on the dock were a testament to the extraordinary precision of modern engineering.
The engineering became more exacting as the songs became vaguer and the voices less sanguine.
Financial engineering has always been central to leveraged buyouts.
Each of his children had, or was earning, an engineering degree.
It is more than an engineering job, efficient or inefficient.
Tells about germinal choice and genetic engineering.
Engineers would meet with other engineers and talk in the language of engineering.
These kinds of gestures are unlikely to be welcomed in cultures built around engineering efficiencies.
Weather derivatives mark an example of the growing reach of a discipline called financial engineering.
Leadership in these realms requires vision and imagination that transcends mere engineering ingenuity.
He further notes that genetic engineering will produce fish that grow faster and convert feed to meat more efficiently.
The common housefly is a marvel of aeronautical engineering.
But now another, more radical use for genetic modification is in the offing: the engineering of extinction.
They remain a minority in the physical sciences and engineering.
Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of this building style, there are engineering advantages.
Have students research the current debate over genetic engineering and cloning, particularly related to dogs.
Despite careful engineering, they can leak liquids into the groundwater.
The immediate application is engineering defanged vaccine strains for use against the bacteria family chosen for the study.
Siemens is a diversified company offering engineering services and products to a variety of industries.
The firm's two founders and much of its engineering staff were too emotionally wedded to its past successes to make a break.
It takes a lot of engineering effort and extra materials to deaden intrusive sounds at source.
Confused, because its financial engineering is too clever by half and vulnerable to unintended consequences.
Tracks that can take this pounding are significant works of engineering.
Ah, that must be another thing you missed in your undergraduate engineering education.
Beneath the energy-absorbing shell lies a web of clever electrical engineering.
What's wrong with designer children, bionic athletes, and genetic engineering.
High-volume sound engineering may finally be falling out of fashion.
It's an awe-inspiring feat of human engineering, and the surroundings are gorgeous.
War in this context implies not only coercion but also social engineering.
There are plenty of people here with degrees in petroleum engineering who can't get jobs.
Our best minds have gone into financial engineering instead of real engineering, with catastrophic results for both sectors.
So does engineering a moderate rate of inflation by depreciating the dollar against the renminbi.
Equally arcane are the details of engineering in designing the great bridge.
The iridescent azure gleam of the morpho butterfly results from a related form of optical engineering.
The first step is genetically engineering the output cells to be light-sensitive.
Yes, each scene takes a lot of time, and a bit of engineering in the ones that involve camera movement as well as time lapse.
The time is now for developing biology into a full-fledged engineering field.
Genetically engineering plants is a time-intensive process.
It was a feat of engineering and a work of exceptional beauty and grace.
He was interested in process engineering, though that wasn't part of his job description.
His engineering and hydraulic projects either failed or were not started.
No matter how much you subvert the principles of engineering, it won't crumble.
Security engineering officers are highly skilled engineers who serve worldwide.
Those jobs go beyond digital engineering to include sales, distribution and marketing, among other critical business functions.

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