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So bikers, play informant for your architect, designer or engineer friends and all you biking architects out there get busy.
Its aim is to engineer organisms that perform functions of use to humans.
There it's an honour to be an engineer instead of an investment banker.
Or your plumber, pastor, and that quiet chemical engineer down the street.
The engineer can virtually remove a part from the model, turn it around, and change its diameter or location.
Annette really defies the stereotype of a geeky engineer.
He became certified in residential construction while working as a structural engineer in a homebuilding firm.
The candidate should have an educational background that would permit licensure as a professional engineer.
However, it applies mostly to products that are easy to reverse engineer.
Perhaps they could also use this to find a target unique to all strains of staph and then engineer a phage to exploit it.
The condo owners consulted with a structural engineer before placing the troughs on the roof.
And he took almost all his train pictures at night, when he could engineer his scenes without the sun getting in his way.
The bank is a vast machine, and he is its chief engineer.
Instead, build a strong resume as a civil engineer in your country.
His recording engineer stopped the tape, telling him he couldn't say that.
However, scientists were unable to engineer red florescent proteins.
But still what does an old engineer know about fashion.
He was at first trained to be a lighthouse engineer, following the profession of his family.
The chief engineer comes to the bridge with a hopeless report.
The retired chemical engineer plays tennis regularly to stay fit.
Being a doctor or a lawyer, a scientist or an engineer or an economist-these are all valid and admirable choices.
The fact that any competent engineer would have produced the same answer given the question does not prove lack of innovation.
Some bacteria produce electricity naturally, but to control the current the team had to engineer some new genetic circuitry.
If an engineer creates a flop he simply will be fired.
After all, the chemical engineer wanted to make fuel from plants for the hydrogen economy that was supposed to boom about now.
Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer.
He's a civil engineer who tests municipal water quality and comes in to help out on weekends.
The cosmic engineer may have made us that way for a good purpose.
They did so, however, with reverence for his initial wisdom and benevolence as an engineer.
Theo often says that he does not know if he is a sculptor or an engineer or what.
And all hail the engineer, who managed to make the sound rich and full without being insufferably loud.
His vision was remarkable, especially since he was a civil engineer with no architectural training.
His father was an engineer who took care of cotton gins, and who taught him mechanics.
Her father, an engineer, had died of cancer when she was eleven.
Gesner's father, an engineer, was responsible for the automobile supercharger.
The engineer took the frog out of his pocket, smiled at it, and returned it to the pocket.
Venter deserves credit for being the first to use a cutting edge computer technology to engineer and dictate a new lifeform.
Possibly a viable approach is to engineer an antibiotic that does not have it's origins in the biological world.
Cobalt is both easier to engineer and less expensive than metals currently used in electrolyzers.
For example, he says, scientists could nano engineer more deadly biological weapons.
The technique could also make it possible to engineer bacteria to more efficiently make biofuels and other industrial products.
The changes would make the reactor easier to engineer and build.
The company's approach is to engineer the metabolic system of microorganisms to create a variety of specialized hydrocarbons.

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