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Example sentences for engender

But very little in the popular literature is meant to engender empathy.
What's more, science fiction may engender unrealistic expectations.
The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership skills and an ability to engender trust, respect, and credibility from others.
Indeed, the casual straightforwardness of her delivery will engender a sense of trust and respect in listeners.
Each side wants to engender loyalty.
Who knew it would engender such discussion.
We hope to engender that debate on our professions.
His sense of fun and ease of manner give rise to perhaps his greatest professional asset, his ability to engender trust.
Comics can make kids inquisitive and engender them with words and concepts for the first time.
One of the great dangers of the new social media is that they engender a lack of respect for personal privacy.
Attacks on the namesake engender strong visceral reactions and calls to defend it at all costs.
Either course-curtailing support for personnel or curtailing personnel-is likely to engender resentment in the military.
The unions and the left were repressed, but not so severely as to engender a guerrilla movement.

Famous quotes containing the word engender

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