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Example sentences for engaging

Students enroll in an online program with self-paced media and engaging courses.
The color captured in the picture and its arrangement was eye engaging.
We typically seek projects engaging one or more big questions lying within and at the intersection of multiple disciplines.
Sometimes claymation is used to create engaging and detailed characters who seem, in some ways, more alive than living creatures.
It also survives as a model of logical thought, and a vibrant and engaging work of literature.
Engaging those pressured faculty members can be a challenge when a crisis hits.
Learn facts about the natural world while you play this engaging photo-hunt game.
Inspire kids with educational videos about animals and geography, and with engaging games and toys.
Worse, they think nothing of engaging in actual manual labour in their pursuit of knowledge.
There were also sessions on designing a syllabus, creating engaging learning environments, and mentoring students of color.
From teenagers to corporate executives, the new bloggers all have reasons of their own for engaging in this new pursuit.
Greg has created not only a scientific tool, but also a major collaborative research program engaging scientists worldwide.
Engaging characters and exciting stories are certainly part of the books' appeal.
Their pieces, engaging and entertaining all, express the whole range of emotions that learning any new language entails.
Yet engaging suppliers is vital, because many firms have direct control over only a small part of their products' footprints.
The interface is simple and intuitive, and the activities are well thought-out and engaging.
Flying artwork is considerably more engaging than hanging it on the fridge.
In general, both books succeed in being as engaging to the layman as to the practising or studying doctor.
His thick and engaging autobiography is crammed with this kind of excitement.
The caging they were being housed in was adequate but hardly engaging.
The free imagination is at work to fashion a more engaging and significant world.
His work, too, is dazzling and emotionally engaging.
His writing seemed often to reflect the sensibility of an exceptionally engaging ten-year-old.
The background is, again unusually for him, strongly engaged and engaging: people making merry in blue-green boskiness.
The regime executed people who tried to adapt by engaging in private business.
Around the globe people are engaging in inspiring activities to learn about the sea, from whale watching to scuba diving.
Always, the focus is on engaging your subject and working-often quickly-to get the best shots.
Engaging and humorous, it's a view of the animal kingdom that the whole family can enjoy together.
Content is organized by hot topics and relevant themes and is engaging and entertaining.
The offerings include one soporific clunker, one engaging thrill-ride, and one terrific biopic.
He was irresistibly engaging and a source of intellectual, even physical, awe.
And that will make them, implicitly, more engaging than they might be otherwise.
Feel free to skip the next paragraph if you're not interested, though introverts will definitely find it engaging.
And if they found that engaging, they might want read my little paragraph.
If anything, their work is often more engaging, since long ago they went through the novelty stage of their careers.
We are learning that techniques borrowed from gaming are extremely effective in engaging large virtual communities.
The possibility of making a spectacular discovery is always a possibility when engaging in any scientific research.
He sends her his e-mail address and what he hopes is an engaging opening message.
It is a parent's responsibility to censor and make sure their kids are engaging in a variety of activities.
Unfortunately, this article is also engaging in politics more than science.
There seems to be a profusion of fabulous kids' books these days, including many engaging books on scientific topics.
It is refreshing to see you admit that you are engaging in slander.
Our work is a major source of well-being, as long as the work is meaningful and engaging.
The grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be perfect and the writing clear and engaging.
As we've found at our school, mobile web is a great first step for engaging users and finding out what they need.
There is, of course, nothing objectionable about scholars' engaging in extremely narrow and focused research.
There are important new models for open, networked learning that allow for more voices and more engaging models for learning.
They are hilarious and enormously engaging on this snowy day.
It's about engaging everyone in the education and publishing industries.
They inspire us, give us new ideas and show us that engaging with our children is so worthwhile.
We've driven it, and few cars so beautifully blend luxury and performance in a package so engaging and rewarding.
It is also a funny, engaging game with a wide variety of puzzles, locations and characters.
Engaging with others puts your mind in gear and gets you in synch with those around you.
The technology would make computer games more engaging, too.
The book's no-nonsense approach to tax policy proves surprisingly engaging.
The idea is that drawing is an essential and woefully underestimated tool for thinking about and engaging with the world.
He visualised photography as a way of engaging with the world.
By and large, interactive multimedia offer more engaging explanations that students more readily grasp and remember.
But it did help persuade him that he stood to gain from engaging with the world.
Two examples he mentioned: a contractor who installs beautiful kitchens and a thoughtful, engaging caregiver to the elderly.
It sounds as if you are engaging in the long, time-honored tradition of complaining about the short-comings of your country.
The book becomes steadily less engaging as it proceeds.
Accordingly he found her more engaging and far more sympathetic.
Neil is certainly a dynamic speaker, uninhibitedly funny and engaging.
Overall it was engaging, funny, and drew me right in.
But the core fitness concept of this game requires it to remain original and engaging when played daily for months on end.
Participants engaging in any of the foregoing activities will be disqualified and will forfeit any prizes won.
Let's go with a really good yarn, grippingly told, forcefully acted and intellectually engaging.
Without seeing the returns, we're engaging in pure speculation.
The more accurate and engaging the articles, the better the ratings.
The messages are clear, the production values high and the medium engaging.
At which point a promising political comedy turns into a somewhat less engaging political thriller.
Chief among them: eating right, exercising and engaging in social activity and mentally challenging tasks.
She was lively and funny and engaging and boisterous and outrageous and a little bit of a polemicist.
And more natural means, of course, more engaging and entertaining.
Promoting the value and importance of service on campus and reducing barriers that inhibit students from engaging in service.

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