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Example sentences for engagement ring

The wedding ring must not be put above the engagement ring.
The cautionary tale of my ruined engagement ring, with a foray into the science of gold and diamonds.
Last seen in the company of a blond shiksa with an engagement ring.
It used to be that only a price tag could dissuade a would-be fiancé from buying a diamond engagement ring.
And you can wear gold with a platinum wedding band and/or engagement ring.
It contained her wallet, makeup and engagement ring as well as the gun.
She wears an engagement ring, though no wedding date has been set.
And she's wearing a white-diamond engagement ring on her elegantly manicured right hand.
Kellie was happily waving around her engagement ring.
Her engagement ring is a ruby flanked by two diamonds.
For example, each individual is allowed to exclude as countable resources one wedding ring and one engagement ring.
She was wearing a gold wedding band and engagement ring.
He then said it was a friendship ring, though he later told other people that it was an engagement ring.
While at a hotel event, she lost her engagement ring and someone stole her cell phone.

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pulling off the fat diamond engagement ring, pulling off the elopement wedding ring, and holding them, clic... more
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