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But when she was five years old, she was already engaged to be married.
They were engaged a month later, and married soon after.
Managers can help ensure that people are happily engaged at work.
Some seasoned academics have no problem staying productive and engaged in faculty life during the latter years of their career.
What puzzles me is the mission the choppers were engaged in.
They reflect the values of cultural groups and the kinds of political structure and economic activity engaged in by a society.
People reported being happiest when engaged in what they were doing versus allowing their minds to wander.
Scans have shown that much of the brain is engaged even during simple tasks.
Sure it's cheesy, but even a bad joke can help keep the audience engaged.
The tent cities began to spring up and the participants engaged in a consensus based democracy form of governing themselves.
He also opened email and turned up the volume on a television while engaged in conversation.
Watching hour-long research lectures might sound tedious, but the presenters find creative ways to keep the audience engaged.
We spend a large percentage of our lives at the office, engaged in the drudgery of work.
Being engaged in the game of life means making tough choices.
They are meanwhile engaged in some of their fiercest fighting in years.
It engaged during those last thirty years in a command-and-control model.
Telltale marks on the bones suggest that the hominids engaged in mortuary rituals.
The top left gear is engaged with the mid-right gear and will drive it.
All engaged teachers are continually looking for ways to evolve and improve.
It would be interesting to know more about the specific circuits involved and when they are engaged.
Preference will be given to applicants engaged in teaching and research in bio-mathematics.
Abroad, they are trying to appear more engaged in resolving the world's problems.
Actually, the fixed wing aircraft is engaged in old-fashioned nautical sea charting-with a high-tech, high-flying twist.
School officials believe the electronic materials will get students more engaged in learning.
Students who enroll part time are less engaged than their full-time peers, and more likely to drop out of college.
So, it ruled, they engaged in a criminal conspiracy for which they cannot be pardoned or amnestied.
The biologists engaged in a hogging frenzy, probing half-submerged logs.
The nation, some claimed, was engaged in a culture war.
Studies on animals suggest a connection, but relatively little research has been conducted on people engaged in shift work.
Applicants should have demonstrated excellence in teaching and be engaged in active scholarship.
Reports suggest that the online intruders were probably engaged in espionage, downloading information.
Are engaged in monitoring and conversations on a theme of protection of an environment.
It's a personalized magazine for an active, social, highly engaged reader.
Arms will not be sent to countries engaged in conflict.
They were actively engaged with the community they wanted to mobilize.
Nevertheless, they are totally engaged with all the details of driving that meet the narrow limits of their total focus.
He equally engaged in theology with, what at best, can be described charitably as disastrous consequences.
The research team speculates that when engaged in a mundane task, mind wandering allows people to remain properly aroused.
The new arrangements might oblige the slacker ones to be more engaged.
His nails were well cared for and there was no sign he had engaged in heavy manual work.
Bankers who do the same are fundamentally engaged in the same scam and should be placed in the same cell.
Prior to the eruption, there's little evidence that humans engaged in long-distance networking.
Unfortunately, they engaged in the corporate equivalent of subprime borrowing and went in way over their heads.
Join a chat to discuss how one college has moved past the rhetoric to be truly globally engaged.
As long as people have engaged in private conversations, eavesdroppers have tried to listen in.
Yet utilities may have to resort to social engineering to get customers more engaged.
The early inhabitants might have also been engaged in trading networks.
He was deeply engaged with real-world technology, exotic and well traveled, and a polymath respected in so many circles.
Afterward, both groups engaged in a new round of tasks.
History normally portrays them as exiled patriots engaged in a gallant struggle.
If they want people to actually feel engaged by this site and use it, they've got to step it up.
Many scientists engaged in high-stakes research will refuse to make thorough disclosures.
We are working on a facility plan that should keep anyone engaged for several years to come.
Western teachers should focus on keeping students engaged.
She engaged in such talks five years ago after she was elected president.
The belief was that the goddess would become more engaged in the lives of those who praise her.
Does it mean a bedroom community or agricultural interests wink wink are engaged.
She felt a particular kinship with him because she was engaged in the same struggle in literature.
Her hands might tell him how she really feels: tense, engaged, apprehensive.
But when people engaged in the mental imagery that would accompany actual eating, it wore down their desire to eat.
Each function requires full-time work, so once a backup is engaged, it does only one thing.
The two bodies are engaged in a continual orbital dance, each pulling on the other.
The more experience babies have with someone who is going to be emotionally engaged with them, the better off they're going to be.
What's more, some of the private groups professing to fight piracy are instead reportedly engaged in it.
The presenters were successful at retaining the audience's attention and keeping everyone engaged.
Teaching is a difficult thing to talk about before you're actively engaged in it.
Many struck out on their own and were engaged in civic affairs.
And my new colleagues are friendly, warm, and intellectually engaged.
In this short engagement his loss was considerable for the number engaged, and one battery was taken from him.
He was not an engaged parent: he didn't attend school plays or tuck his children into bed.
It makes sense, then, that this particular shark is engaged in daily kills.
The tea seller learned to swallow his words, and eventually spoke only when he was engaged in a transaction with a customer.
His persona and prose have come to coincide, as if engaged in a century-long solar eclipse.
Comments on how the time seems too slow when we're bored and too quick when we're engaged.
When you do it here, you feel that you are engaged in a serious pursuit.
He was also a longtime, engaged friend of the magazine.
The platform dropped slightly, then came to a halt as the safety brake engaged.
When the brace's generator is engaged, it collects power while slowing down the motion of the leg.
The video shows a cell that has engaged in a synapse becoming infected days later.
So you have to say a lot of people who are doing file sharing are engaged in copyright infringement.
For this reason, our military is already deeply engaged in evaluating lessons learned so far and figuring out how to change.
Other researchers around the world are engaged in similar projects.
Once attention gets engaged, concentration turns into meditation.
However, over the last decade, railroads have been engaged in their own version of an information revolution.
He's intellectually engaged in the medical research he's funding.
If the kids can watch cool content and get engaged with making it happen, it is a start in the right direction.
Which is usually a by-product of the too acidic paper engaged in self-destruction of the work.
And others are engaged in the project of psychometrics.
The motivations of the chemists engaged in this work are clear.
Currently the group is engaged in follow-up study and working to improve observational techniques.
Our early ancestors may have engaged in similar behavior.
The best part of the whole thing was meeting and talking with some of the kids, who were truly engaged and curious.
People are already engaged by it, and it is working on them.
Microphones allow the software to sense when you are engaged in conversation.
Archaeologists say they brought domesticated cattle and sheep with them, and engaged in rudimentary agriculture.
Of course, there are some rare brains that seem to be especially built to be musically engaged.
He was scientifically engaged, and always willing to share his knowledge, which was both deep and wide.
Of course this kind of thing won't do when constant stimulation is needed to keep the audience engaged.
In the countryside they sometimes are engaged in farm labor, but more usually in horse trading.
The stars didn't merely model, but engaged in some real acting.
He was an intellectual with the instincts of a street brawler, never happier than when engaged in moral or political fisticuffs.
Spoiler alert: they end up engaged, and he ends up murdered.
While it's admirable for filmmakers to be engaged, that's not enough to be engaging.
Everyone was engaged because it was the rare occasion where in a room full of spectacular talent, no one was there to see them.
Charlie was struck by the color and the structure of her habit and engaged her in conversation.
But the best way to avoid that is to be fully engaged in the scene.
Other writers have been more engaged, more moralistic.
In response, elected officials from both parties have engaged in rituals of deficit reduction.
But so too are these scientists, who have spent their lifetimes engaged in climate research.
German physicists and their families engaged in a wide spectrum of behavior.

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