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Example sentences for engagé

Sometimes it is helpful for historians to be engage in such debates, but many are extremely well misinformed.
Successful candidates will be expected to engage in research as part of their duties.
The dysfunctional relationships and youthful ambitions of the other characters contain sufficient depth to engage the reader.
There isn't enough variety, no colour and not enough here to engage a child.
The lesson is a sweet reminder to engage in life just for the sake of it.
The most popular activity kids engage in is sports.
Another way to self-renewal is to engage in something about which you care deeply.
It's important to engage children in a way that reflects their personality.
It's serves a good reason to engage in a conversation.
The space is designed to inspire, engage, and pique curiosity and encourage visitors to express their own creativity.
When a fighter retreats for too long, the referee loudly instructs him to re-engage.
Denham left his house yesterday morning with his dog and gun to engage in a squirrel hunt.
Cranes engage in courtship rituals so elegant that scientists call them dances.
Frog toxins engage the nose and make them thoroughly unappetizing to humans, and presumably predators as well.
Both species can engage in river journeys of epic scale.
Eventually they engage in a true courtship dance, which can last as long as eight hours.
Have students form small groups and engage in debates about the issues in this lesson.
Previous studies have found bonobo communities to engage amicably with monkeys they meet.
In fact people were willing to engage in civil disobedience to get through police lines and get to their property.
Engage them during adolescence, and you light a fire.
The coast is long, the breaks are numerous, and only a handful of surfers are there to engage them.
For both are equally under obedience and dependent, both engage in equally painful exercises.
They make and use simple tools, hunt in groups and engage in aggressive, violent acts.
So you can attract, engage, and retain more students while achieving profitable growth.
Our diverse learning environment provides inspiration to serve others and engage in campus and civic life.
Successful candidate must engage in scholarly and creative activity and service appropriate to university expectations.
Animals engage in two activities that help create an equal and fair playing field: self-handicapping and role-reversing.
After the first year, the successful candidate will be expected to engage in committee work and academic advising.
Faculty are expected to engage students through the use of both traditional and innovative instructional strategies.
Engage in professional service, scholarly activity, and pursue external funding.
Engage with scholars and support research and instruction in the photography collections.
It is my favorite course, in major part because one can really teach and engage the students.
The individual is expected to actively engage in campus activities and in the local community.
The college offers its students various ways to engage with faculty members on other campuses.
We firmly believe that more academics should write in public and use public venues to actively engage ideas and readers.
The findings show that students are more likely than nonstudents to engage in political activity through online social networks.
Ants engage in large-scale battles that in many ways call to mind human warfare.
One possible interpretation: people whose brains mature early might be more prone to engage in adult activities.
They attended weekly group sessions and were told to engage in moderate exercise for half-an-hour a day.
The real unfairness in the literal meaning of the parable is a device meant to engage the hearer and make him think.
It is hoped that the boys involved in this project will be less likely to engage in risky behaviors in the future.
Students from low-income families are finding ways to go online and engage in social networking.
In the case of some countries, there is no option but to engage in some austerity.
And the media set aside all other subjects to engage in a frenzy of recrimination.
Businesses in the zone were free to re-engage with overt capitalism and make profits by satisfying customers, not the state.
Visible on the page is a delicately playful strewing of words, looking to engage with each other in a shyly puzzled fashion.
Several climbed into the ring to try their hand at the sport, though only to engage in sparring matches.
The outfit concluded that politicians were failing to take advantage of new media's huge potential to engage with voters.
The result of all this, many farmers contend, is that big players engage in unfair practices and keep prices low.
Use social media to re-engage the moderates into politics.
It involves using two specially designed walking poles that engage more muscles than walking alone.
Track your scores, beat your best times, and engage your word power.
That's where many language-learning aids lose users, he says-the presentation fails to engage users and make them want to learn.
Use even more humans to engage with the humans that are making local news.
Games, however, can motivate students to more fully engage with such exercises.
Doing this is less evil than waiting for them to engage us in war, on a pure utilitarian calculus.
It is the one activity that only nations engage in to this day.
The personal was what he did out of his own deeply felt need to engage his tumultuous land and its people.
Unlike chimpanzees, only humans can engage in bidirectional conversation in which information is exchanged for its own sake.
The book is an all too rare example of good, even dense, scholarship finding a way to engage the larger public.
Yet when they too become seniors they will engage in the same fabrications of intellectual credit.
It would engage the information industries in making public transport more convenient, more enticing, and more secure.
The first way is for a member of the elite to engage a well-known artist to produce something for display.
Although there are good reasons to want a public plan that will not engage in such behavior, the risks should also be clear.
Any opera house director would have been delighted to engage this great star to dance the standard ballet repertory.
No questions designed to impress me, please, and do not engage me in conversation.
Her public intimacy did not engage him-he never looked at her during the merriment.
As he rocks back and forth, years seem to vanish from his face when he's talking about ideas that engage him.
He tried to play it cool and above the fray, came off as defensive and unwilling to engage.
But in other situations, a surge of testosterone may prompt people to engage in more cooperative behavior.
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