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He was relentlessly energetic, creative and gracious.
Scientists have developed software programs to perform calculations based on atomic sizes and energetic interactions.
The band's songs are bright and sharp and energetic, each more tuneful than the last.
Both men are near 80 but still energetic.
In this collection of nine essays, he's gathered energetic and cogent discussions of the game.
She is wery energetic and thorough in field working.
My husband used to be such an active, energetic man.
He's energetic, personable and articulate.
The intelligent, energetic, vibrant mother I knew is gone.
Something with an energetic potential has to have always been in existence.
Even so, the sun remains a bit of a mystery, particularly these tremendously energetic events.
The problem is that as the wavelength of light gets shorter, the photons become more energetic and harder to control.
Also, an ever present problem with energetic water reactive materials is humidity.
Hopefully, as there become more of these cells, the energetic and reproductive pathways can be studied.
He is energetic and thoughtful in his research and vigilant against what should be called cable-channel alarmism.
They are described as being more energetic, restless, and more externally oriented than the nonsmokers.
Zeroing in on the cause of high-speed jets issuing from energetic galactic cores.
As an alternative to being removed by an energetic collision, an electron on an atom can be excited.
Sure enough, the newly infected mice grew more energetic and bold.
Scientists observed that the quasar is shooting out highly energetic particles and fast-moving gas in the direction of the galaxy.
We have mistakenly proceeded in this direction, poor energetic yield and efficiency.
It will require the persistent and energetic engagement of the scientific community.
As the universe expands and distant galaxies recede from us, their light gets redshifted, thus becoming less energetic.
Eating less has proven to make me hungrier and less energetic but done little else and certainly didn't drop my weight.
In this case, the chemistry of the cell would need to be highly immune to disruption by the energetic particles.
Billions of new stars will be formed by the energetic collision, scientists say.
The ionosphere is named for the ions created within this layer by energetic particles from sunlight and outer space.
Truly beautiful and energetic, positive story and photographs.
He's quick-witted and energetic, seeming to run on five-times-normal voltage.
He does it because it makes him feel better, more energetic, clear-minded.
Chores can become an entirely different experience when set to an energetic beat.
In more energetic ultraviolet light, they are brilliant bright due to their magnetic activity.
Nature routine produces much more energetic collisions, and were still here.
Sharing equally the bounty of labor meant the downward spiral to too many eaters and not enough energetic workers.
Many of the exhibits speak of energetic cultural exchange.
The country needs a dose of energetic reform to give them a reason to return.
As they do so, they may turn decentralised sprawl into quilts of energetic suburbs with a community feeling.
He has done his best to help, writing energetic polemics in favour of profits.
More often, it is the energetic and upwardly mobile.
If you're still energetic after the course, there's plenty else to do.
Not my idea of fun, but he came back rejuvenated and energetic.
They're prosperous, energetic, interested in their work and great pals.
Turn it the other way and you see energetic peasants and suggestions that there is no famine at all.
He was thin as a wire and athletic and energetic and mentally alert.
Perry answers it by being emphatic and energetic, and by talking about his own energy plan.

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