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Example sentences for enema

Often a warm mineral oil enema is used to soften and lubricate the stool.
Instead of evisceration, he got a turpentine and cedar-oil enema before being placed in natron.
The cost of such a fecal transplant--as low as an enema kit and blender.
We kept a lot of mint tea and ginger, comic books in the bathroom, and home enema kits on hand.
The double-contrast barium enema test uses an x-ray to image the entire large intestine.
Prior to a procto, the patient prepares by eating a low-fiber diet and taking an enema and possibly a laxative.
In some cases, the bowel obstruction can be treated with an air or contrast enema performed by a skilled radiologist.
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His bowels were so out of whack that he had to have an enema every third day.

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The world needs an enema.... more
An enema under the influence of Ecstasy would probably feel much like this.... more
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