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Her white blood was strong in her and she had grit and endurance and a vital courage.
Flagpole sitting was simply endurance, its only prerequisite an endless capacity for standing there.
Test his physical endurance through hardship and privation, his will to live through isolation.
Running long distances gives me the power of endurance.
All bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.
Life is an endurance race.
It is an event full of incredible human achievement and endurance.
It is my opinion that nothing seasons the mind for endurance like hard work.
I'm an endurance athlete.
Mountain climbing meets all the requirements for spellbinding adventure with its danger and its threats to endurance and survival.
It's an endurance test.
Now, after 10 hours of tennis, the world knows these two players possess great endurance.
They like hiking because it involves no special skills except endurance.
Many of her journeys, she explained to me, have been self-administered tests of her own emotional and physical endurance limits.
When asked to squeeze a handgrip-a measure of physical endurance-they could hold on longer.
Gird up the loins, brace yourself for vigorous action, or energetic endurance.
Of knowledge and of sorrow and endurance of things done.
The occupation of a lineman requires all the courage and endurance of a soldier, whose lurking foe is mysterious and invisible.
Some of them are songs expressing faith and endurance and a longing for freedom.
Sorrow and silence are strong, and patient endurance is godlike.
The world she summons is a piercingly beautiful combination of yearning and disappointment, violence and endurance.
Arabians are rarely used in dressage anyhow, they are mostly found in endurance riding.
In a test of endurance and devotion, they have spent the night on the glaciers that still cling to the rocks above the valley.
It also offered cyclists an easy endurance boost that helped them to excel in grueling stage races.
Endurance athletes who race for hours worry they haven't devoured enough.
It builds aerobic capacity while also improving agility, coordination and endurance.
The endurance of a theory so conceived-almost from first principles-has excited the admiration of generations of biologists.
If there was a problem about employing children it had to do only with their endurance.
Their endurance is the proof of their value and the confirmation of our need for such shows of rationality.
Tyres are made of a combination of natural and synthetic rubber to provide the grip and endurance required by carmakers.
The robot could, for instance, forage for biofuel while a unit on a long-endurance mission rested.
For the real exile, foreignness is not an adventure but a test of endurance.
The extraordinary endurance of demonstrators week after week is paying off.
The conflict has become a test of endurance for both the government and the narcos.
The effect it has on a persons lungs, in terms of lung capacity and endurance, is also no where near as severe.
There is a region in the experience of pain where the certainty of alleviation often permits superhuman endurance.
Treatment often includes exercise for patients who have been immobilized and lack flexibility, strength or endurance.
The only challenging thing is the endurance of an hour episodic series.
Before an endurance athletic event, it is fine to consume extra slowly digested carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta.
Here's current thinking on the extremes of human endurance.
Flat is good, so long as you prefer scenery and long, crab-centric meals to endurance-testing workouts.
Their torpedo-shaped, streamlined bodies are built for speed and endurance.
Too little and you won't have enough fuel for endurance sports.
The journey was one part around-the-clock endurance race and one part slumber party for the scientists.
Food, fuel, and-above all-human endurance had reached dangerously low levels.
They whirled in centrifuges, squeezed into compression chambers, and tested the limits of endurance in zero gravity.
Climbing there, and surviving, pushes even the strong to the limits of their endurance.
Before becoming a teacher eight years ago, he fixed endurance race cars and restored vintage airplanes.
Today, it's a popular sport across the world, combining physical strength with skills of endurance and precision.
They are excellent swimmers with impressive endurance and they readily paddle in frigid waters.
For the first time, scientists have developed drugs that mimics the effects of endurance exercise.
But whereas the cheetah is a mere sprinter, the pronghorn is an endurance runner par excellence.
Its size and breezy pace mean it's built for endurance and not stealth.
The dramatic study showed that the drugs built fat-burning muscles in mice and increased their endurance on an exercise wheel.
Dog fights are largely about endurance and a certain type of temperament.
Describes how he built up his endurance as a runner.
The words that are being used about her today are all about resilience and endurance overcoming.
Military researchers are building mechanical suits that provide superstrength and inhuman endurance.
It's therefore possible that animals with an increased penchant for endurance exercise may have beefed-up brains.
Tattooing, an aggressive and intimidating mixture of endurance and art, is as old as warfare itself.
It's an event full of incredible human achievement and endurance.
It's the genetic version of biodiversity, which in larger ecosystems is the source of resilience and endurance.
The blood is re-injected when the athlete wants a boost in endurance.

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