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The committee also asked about endowment-related bonuses paid to college presidents and endowment managers.
At some universities, endowment per athlete exceeds over-all endowment per student.
Yet there is plenty of oil left, with perhaps only a fifth of the world's endowment so far produced.
But, perhaps some good genetic endowment is involved in the longevity stakes as well.
Sometimes the college is able to secure an endowment or financial interest but usually not.
In his nine years there he showed what could be done by doubling the endowment.
Moreover, donations are mostly too small and irregular to support long-term endowment schemes or big capital projects.
Committee members also plan to highlight problems they see with endowment.
Financiers are coveted candidates for governing boards, offering valuable investment guidance for endowment funds.
Even our huge endowment does not produce enough income to sustain our continued expansion.
The plan was good, until the city spent the endowment in a little more than a year.
If one really cares about the wellbeing of others, then one will seek to preserve this cultural endowment.
Centuries of animal breeding had, of course, created an explicit awareness of links between genetic endowment and behavior.
If you add up all the visible matter in galaxies today, you get only about a tenth of the total endowment created by the big bang.
The income paid by such trusts has the potential to increase over time as the endowment does.
These are both efforts to explain mind and behavior biologically, as products of natural selection and genetic endowment.
Alumni gifts and endowment earnings help with the costs.
Now the college had the beginnings of a well-invested endowment, the hiring freeze was lifted, applications were up.
When given the chance, he asked for the golden touch as a way to create an endowment.
Another year brings us many, many genes closer to understanding the human genetic endowment.
With this wisdom of life, is the equal endowment of imaginative and of lyric power.
From this endowment, however, originated another similarity between him and the canary.
Whether approving a building project or directing endowment money, they profoundly affect everyone on the campus.
Controversial additions to the form include more questions about executive compensation and endowment value.
In the absence of significant endowment, student fees were primary currency, and entrance standards were low.
His foundation, its endowment crippled, closed up shop.
In part that reflects big losses sustained by charitable and university endowment funds on hedge funds, private equity and shares.
Others, whose genetic endowment is different, are less bothered by it.

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