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Cemeteries today generally include endowed care with the cost of the grave.
Human beings are endowed with the power to see that doubts are doubts, and to resolve some of them, rightly or wrongly.
Rockefeller endowed foundations that are still important .
The 19th century made him into a monument endowed with almost superhuman virtues and encrusted in formality.
For qualified candidates, endowed chairs in neuroscience are available.
All human beings have inherent rights endowed to them by their creator, not just Americans.
He was widely believed to be financially well-endowed.
The less well endowed have to make crucial budgetary decisions to choose whether or not to take the state subsidies.
The gods endowed her with every charm, together with curiosity and deceit.
He was also endowed with wit.
He also ramped up humanities programs and established two endowed chairs in poetry.
Scientists have endowed the traditional plant with new genes that pack the equivalent of a daily multivitamin into each serving.
His stories are full of inventors and robots endowed with a disturbing capacity for reflection.
Photosynthetic humans--endowed with the power to derive energy from the sun--are a popular construct of science fiction.
Either it is divinely endowed or it has arrived to you through chance.
Any ethologist will tell you about the superiority in sensory resolution many species are genetically endowed with.
In your perceived moral superiority, you feel endowed to call for the use of violence against those you disagree with.
Unless you land an endowed chair or make a mint writing textbooks, administration is where the money is in higher education.
Most of the endowed and tenured professors have never written a book or anything of substance.
Not only are many of them poorly endowed but poorly managed and structured, literally.
For undergraduate, several of the best endowed will pay for practically all your tuition these days.
The typical spend rate for endowed nonprofits is in the five-percent range.
He has been endowed by nature with special abilities.
He builds fancy miniature houses endowed with architecturally correct details.
They are, however, endowed with the spiritual gift of complaining.
Mice endowed with the human gene also expressed themselves with lower-pitched sounds.
It's not mime, not a poor, pidgin derivative of spoken tongues--it's a richly endowed language in and of itself.
Bodies are sometimes endowed with a wonderful attraction, which is not found in them in their ordinary state.
With royal magnificence he built and endowed many churches and monasteries.
He was endowed with all the attributes needed for such a calling.
But soul in this world live in bodies endowed with reason.
To have challenged a vast materially and financially endowed nation was an act of utter desperation.
The rich benefited from this knowledge, and in return endowed and supported the hospitals.
They were endowed with a hyoid bone, which anchors the tongue and allows a wide variety of movements of the larynx.
He has endowed this production with some visual innovations of his own.
The more expensive and well-endowed a university is, the more progressive the fees are, generally speaking.
Kids endowed with this sort of home environment tend, not surprisingly, to do well in school and go on to study at university.
And neither could be considered to be the kind of breathtaking breakthrough expected of such a well-endowed laboratory.
He believes that people and not government our endowed by their creator with liberty to make their own decisions.
It is important to scientists working to develop cultivars endowed with desirable genetic traits.
Admiring their strength and endurance, he endowed them with a sense of calm dignity and grace.

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