endorsement in a sentence

Example sentences for endorsement

If you don't like their work, don't offer an endorsement.
The Economist will make its own endorsement next week.
This article is a book review, not an absolute endorsement.
In the meantime, he enjoys the drama of having the candidate mention products in hopes of gaining an endorsement.
He owns a sporting goods corporation and enjoys an endorsement deal with Nike.
Our endorsement can help cut through the red tape in communities.
My father told me to always spread my credentials on the table before spouting off some editorial criticism or endorsement.
He'll turn down nearly any endorsement opportunities that come his way.
This endorsement not only makes good sense; it's also inspiring.

Famous quotes containing the word endorsement

One should not confuse the craving for life with endorsement of it.... more
[Women's] apparent endorsement of male supremacy is ... a pathetic striving for self- respect, self-justifi... more
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