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Films for public broadcast should be fair and not support or endorse one point of view.
Voters in France endorse two visions of their future.
Voters endorse a flawed but necessary set of constitutional amendments .
The moral of the story is one that all parents and educators will endorse heartily.
Well, this is not my personal opinion, although it is one which I endorse.
We endorse his bid to expand on that work in Congress.
There's an interesting coalition of people coming together to endorse a higher rate of inflation.
Those who endorse global warming universally seem to see it as a looming disaster for life on the planet.
The part of his testimony that made sense did not endorse a tax cut now.
Where voters did endorse real change, they had excellent reason to do so.
Even the central government seemed at one time to endorse the campaign.
He has failed previously, and failed again this week, to endorse the commission's conclusions.
Nonetheless, it makes no sense to endorse regionalism at the expense of a better multilateral system.
We endorse that goal and offer a few other recommendations to feed the pipeline.
He replied that, unfortunately, there isn't a single one he can whole heartedly endorse.
However, to endorse this position is to torpedo almost any ethical project from the start.
Celebrities have to be cautious about what they endorse these days: somebody might buy it.
The sad part is the editors for some reason chose to not only publish the claptrap but to endorse it.
Thinking about it overnight, he could come up with no particular reason either to reject or to endorse the match.
By refusing to endorse or use the language of counterinsurgency in the speech, he escapes their doctrinal logic.
The state regularly makes choices about what to promote or endorse based on judgments about morality.
Mellon would send a decorator friend checks hidden in boxes of chocolates that he would then endorse to the campaign.

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