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But no, there are no endemic native rodent species there.
Some of the endemic species are new to science.
Hunting and habitat loss have caused this endemic bird to become endangered.
Corruption has become so endemic that it is perceived as normal.
Bird flu is now endemic in Asia.
Eighty-five percent of fish species here are endemic.
This mountainous ecoregion is host to a number of endemic species.
Diseases tend to evolve from an epidemic to an endemic state.
The new government's priorities include furthering development, creating jobs, and stamping out endemic corruption.
Malnutrition and disease are endemic, and in bad years there is famine.
She claims not to have known about the apparently endemic hacking.
Bad temper and extreme nervous tension were endemic in the family.
Yet my impression is that deceiving people through lying or otherwise is endemic in higher education.
Unfortunately, what with the coming and going endemic now, reliability is a serious problem.
However, polio is endemic, so make sure you've had your adult booster shot.
Spinner dolphins and several large shark species are also endemic to the archipelago.
Malaria is endemic to many parts of the world, and it is difficult and expensive to continuously treat the disease.
The problem is in many ways endemic to malaria research.
It is a mountainous land where the date palm plays host to the region's only endemic resource.
After breakfast, explore the forest to learn about the endemic flora and fauna.
Their rooting decimates endemic undergrowth and trees where they have been introduced.
Some places in the world have a large number of endemic species-species that exist only in that place.
Each hotspot has its own website highlighting endemic species, threats to biodiversity, and conservation measures.
Moreover, if even a fairly benign form of the virus becomes endemic, new strains could always mutate again to virulence.
Truth is not their long suit either and deafness to reason is endemic.
Resource utilization by two insular endemic mammals, the island fox and the island spotted skunk.
In the heavily endemic areas you don't have to convince them that it's a serious problem.
Malaria didn't used to be called a tropical disease, because it was endemic throughout the world.
Aside from bats and some endemic rodents the continent was free of placental mammals before modern humans arrived.
Also, keep in mind there are many more people coming into the state from countries where the medfly is endemic.
These chemicals are natural environmental toxins, a problem endemic with dust sources worldwide.
Even among people in close contact with lepers, only a fraction seems to contract the disease, even in endemic areas.
Imagine local resistances of breeding groups to endemic diseases, and the evolutionary response of those localized pathogens.
Thus, in some places, there are enough unprotected individuals that an infectious agent can return to being endemic.
If this has an adverse effect and makes owner's afraid to vaccinate the potential endemic could be even worse.
There may even be an endemic inability to look into the depth of his characters with more than a consummate journalist's eye.
Bribery and corruption have become endemic commented.
Add a sprinkling of antibiotics and drug-resistant strains emerge-the superbugs that are endemic in many places.
The tourists are partly responsible for invasive species that threaten endemic wildlife.
It is endemic in some countries but a niche activity in others.
One of these, rabies, is of particular concern because it is endemic in the dog population.
Endemic power cuts hamper industry and transport, as does a sluggish and prickly bureaucracy.
Elected on an anti-corruption ticket, he has kept up pressure on the country's endemic sleaze, but selectively.
Differences between coalition parties can still hinder a coherent approach, and parochialism is endemic.
Endemic and systemic are different words and are supposed to mean different things.
We have fewer endemic diseases, and fewer epidemic diseases.
The movie has its share of idiocies endemic to the action movie.
Media madness for a new personality was rarely so sudden or endemic.
Endemic animals are special because they are found in only one location on the planet, and nowhere else.
Endemic plants are special because they are found in only one location on the planet, and nowhere else.
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