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Each endeavor begins with a fresh concept and a desire to achieve something new.
My fondest memory is any collaborative creative endeavor.
At first glance, this seems like a slightly absurd endeavor.
From these I shall endeavor to derive all the advantages which they may afford.
This seems like an especially worthwhile endeavor.
The endeavor surprised music lovers and raised thousands of dollars.
It's an endeavor that raises the opportunity to treat disease early but also raises the fear of genetic discrimination.
This is a fundamental law of any organized endeavor.
Science is supposed to be the endeavor that asks questions primarily.
Look for additional information on this new endeavor in the coming months.
You have sacrificed much in this endeavor.
Cancer research is but a small segment of the total human endeavor in biomedical sciences.
While the intellectual component is certainly a compelling part of the endeavor, making art is also a physical experience.
Instead, in this tidy version of literary endeavor, the characters all get some part of what they wish for.
Coster-Mullen's research project can be construed as a danger to mankind or as a useless antiquarian endeavor.
In any case, our social obligation to reduce the risk of any endeavor is independent of the question of consent.
The law governs every type of human endeavor, including politics and literature.
Common welfare is the goal of our national endeavor.
It is disingenuous to endeavor to conceal these facts, and to mislead ordinary citizens about them.
Conscious of this espionage, you endeavor to look pleased.
The endeavor of a hostess, when seating her table, is to put those together who are likely to be interesting to each other.
They become the objects of conscious and active human desire and therefore of conscious and active human endeavor.
It's good to know that there are gains that have been made after this ten year endeavor.
Even the near future seems unlikely to support any such endeavor properly.
The whole project was an endeavor of elites who sought to bamboozle and bore their publics into complacency.
People the world over are in such a place that they have nothing to lose with such an endeavor.
Apple is heading in the right direction with this endeavor.
My own thought is labels are barriers in the essential human endeavor to be known and to know.
While it certainly is, it is so only through its enabling influence on every other area of human endeavor.
Science, after all, is an empirical endeavor that traffics in probabilities.
And it applies to virtually every field of intellectual endeavor, from painters and poets to economists.
But extending that experience to entire cities is no small endeavor.
Be mindful of whether a chosen endeavor might cause groups to splinter off or limit opportunities for conversation.
But packing for a weekend trip doesn't have to be a stressful endeavor.
Building a green home doesn't have to be a costly, drawn-out endeavor.
Riding the boardwalk is a leisurely family endeavor.
Not every all-inclusive vacation needs to be a grand endeavor.
It is an elitist's endeavor and to basically reject all forms of education.
But the viability of the degree is under scrutiny, raising questions about the whole endeavor and its planning.
Observers say one of the project's main risks is that it could be perceived as an effete, academic endeavor.
After all, we're all adults supposedly engaging in a common endeavor.
It's also when they truly realize that they're engaged in a thoughtful, thought-provoking endeavor.
The people who fill staff roles are essential to our common endeavor.
The same can be said for starting a business, running for office, or any other difficult endeavor.
One cannot help but wonder why he wastes his time on such a meaningless and fruitless endeavor.
It's my intent to make design a more consequential endeavor, not a decorative endeavor.
In our society, in speculation, someone takes the risk inherent in the capitalistic form of endeavor.
However, people can destroy it in a single planting season or with a single landscaping endeavor.
But many scientists believe that it is not only worth the effort, but a crucial endeavor.
Underwater archaeology is an extremely arduous as well as intellectual endeavor, which seemed perfectly suited to the group.
Searching the health-food stores for a supplement that actually works can be an enigmatic and costly endeavor.
Many have met success in this endeavor using complex processes and expensive materials.
The decline in social organization may have made the upkeep of public buildings a difficult economic and political endeavor.
But even an endeavor of this scale isn't going to answer all the important questions of matter and energy.
Trying to devise a way to have potato chips fall evenly is a greasy and almost impossible endeavor.
However, even traversing the area around them was a precarious endeavor.
Its amazing to be able to volunteer and take part in such a worthy and wonderful endeavor.
Any field of scientific endeavor where the work is based largely in the field.
There could be a big economic value to producing lighter clouds and there might be a role for private companies in that endeavor.
Second, studies typically examine only one change endeavor, whereas his interviews covered a lifetime of efforts.
We as a country can't afford this right now as a feel good endeavor.
Losing weight has never been an easy endeavor, as anyone who has ever tried knows.
Controlling social behavior is a key endeavor of a corporate-controlled society.
In any endeavor medical, scientific or otherwise there are always opportunities for improvement and advancements.
However, the shuttle's record highlights that spaceflight remains a dangerous endeavor.
The study of psychology of the human is a worthy and sometimes scientific endeavor.
The pursuit of science seems every bit as vulnerable as the pursuit of other disciplines to the fallibility of all human endeavor.
There need to be a way to cut the expense of designing useful drugs but still keep it a financially lucrative endeavor.
We may have to close up shop on this endeavor for good depending on interest over the next few months.
My main interests are stories of endeavor and struggle, against nature, society or oneself.
Seeking out a large supply of sustainable seafood is neither a simple endeavor nor a static one.
It sounds funny, but it's a real endeavor-- and it's going well.
The scale of their endeavor is virtually unprecedented in the history of technology and science.
But they reached too far, and their best efforts were not enough to create the sustained endeavor their vision foretold.
But these structures evolved over centuries in ways that map our collective endeavor to understand and express our world.
The term is meant to conjure the nobility of amateurism, and the precedence of scholarship over athletic endeavor.
In investigating a series of crimes, the police always endeavor right at the start to identify recurring patterns.
As in any endeavor, some entrants will be better than others, and some will fail miserably.
There are nine because it's understood that little in the realm of human endeavor is simple, clear, or objective.
The inducement to leave took the form of a bold winemaking endeavor.
One is a widening perception of the interaction of one kind of endeavor upon another in the postindustrial society.
However, we'd better understand that the endeavor has its useful, socially productive side.
Expensive protracted academic industry was vastly outperformed by cheap fast cottage endeavor.
All in all, it's a wonder that investors are so uninformed and have poured money into this misguided endeavor.
But building a useful database of translations is a slow and expensive endeavor, and companies guard their translations jealously.
Most often it was around some kind of military or quasimilitary endeavor.
We might as well start bashing purse science as a useless endeavor.
As with almost any endeavor, the benefits of online labor have to be balanced against the disadvantages.
As a quasi-commercial endeavor, this website has an interest in getting people to see as many ads as possible.
To pursue an agreement that confronts these matters might be a painful and prolonged endeavor.
Both kinds of experience are indispensable for effective educational endeavor.
He didn't grumble too much about the overruns because he felt it was a noble endeavor.
But the machinations required for such an endeavor proved to be well worth it.
To him, politics was a noble endeavor, but the press never seemed to agree.
Opening up an entirely new area of scientific endeavor in the cause of making the world a better place.
It's a noble endeavor, and of course, there's no end to possible responses.
The endeavor is controversial, stretching science to its limits.
Paleontology is a much broader endeavor than worrying about outward appearances.
He's pushed all the chips toward the center of the table in what may be one of the biggest bets in the history of human endeavor.
Name a field of human endeavor in which such things don't occur.
Central to this endeavor is the acknowledgement of your own worthiness.
Apparently he had invested several years and quite a bit of money in the endeavor.
It's a cliche, but science is a human endeavor, and individual scientists are human beings.
Education is about conformity and drugs aid in that endeavor.
If you're requiring that scientists as individuals be impartial, then you fundamentally misunderstand the scientific endeavor.
Consider investing in your education, or in a joint endeavor with a rewarding future.
So enduring is this storytelling need that it shapes nearly every human endeavor.
The reason: connecting each home to fiber is a costly endeavor that often requires digging a trench to every house.

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