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His views don't endear him widely, but they are worth reading nonetheless.
Unfortunately, that didn't endear them to many of our guests.
His unique appearance and his willingness to appear in unconventional roles are the kind of things that endear him to filmmakers.
Contextual witticisms can endear you to the committee if they are followed by an honest answer.
Neither is likely to endear him to the high command.
What intense compositorial needs to amuse and endear.
The million euros he spent fortifying his villa did not endear him to taxpayers.
His unabashed expression of emotion and quirky sense of humor endear him to teachers, therapists and relatives.
Such painful observations did not endear him to the governments of the subcontinent.
It goes without saying, perhaps, that the film will not endear itself to the pro-conservation contingent.
The goal is to use the club to endear people to the brand and to provide opportunities for them to try products.
She didn't endear herself to anyone by being two hours late to her opening-night party.
Winfrey's struggle with yo-yo dieting seems to endear her to her fans, who tend to empathize with her plight.
Needless to say, this does not endear them to their opponents, who hear this sort of thing as a conversation-stopper.
Any sound or bark that might endear them is replaced by an eerie, silent swim.
Particularly when the joke is on you, you will endear your audiences to your cause when you reveal your own vulnerability.
Abolish the ethanol subsidies that endear the corn farmers to the politicians.

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"Presents," I often say, "endear absents."... more
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