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Example sentences for endangered species

The internal and/or academic hire is becoming the endangered species.
We all knew that earmarks were an endangered species.
New programming is an endangered species, hiring freezes are the name of the game, and everything seems up for grabs.
Meanwhile, adjuncts need to view tenure-track faculty members as an endangered species in need of protection.
They're also something of an endangered species, threatened by the destruction of their professional habitat.
To an environmentalist, half an endangered species is an extinct species.
The number of moose has increased greatly since early in the century, when they were an endangered species.
Unavoidably, some frogs will be sacrificed in the process, but they won't become an endangered species.
But in the rich world newspapers are now an endangered species.
Third, they must not undermine incentives to conserve endangered species in the wild.
Most managers of financial risk had begun to see the rogue trader as an endangered species.
New gear can reduce the by-catch and protect endangered species, such as turtles and sea birds.
Outside in the open air, though, flowers of any kind will be virtually an endangered species.
Cows are seen so infrequently that they might be imagined to be an endangered species.
So, aside from shocks to otherwise already endangered species, it seems the long-run effects of the spill won't be that bad.
And for many, their investment is in something they perceive to be a valuable but endangered species: the small family farmer.
As a result, the question of whether the wolf should be removed from the endangered species list has been broached.
Gorillas are an endangered species, and no one can own them.
Protecting endangered species is an expensive proposition.
Sometimes conservation plans work so well that once-endangered species no longer need protection.
It's a fairly common practice to help certain endangered species in the wild by providing them with extra food or prey.
It may be the end of the road for an endangered species of rabbit.
Sometimes there are so many stories about endangered species that not all of them can be covered in depth by this blog.
Illegal trade in endangered species continues to grow around the world.
One of the risks in writing about endangered species is concentrating too much on the cute ones.
Purebred pets often come with a hefty price tag, but the value skyrockets when the animal for sale is an endangered species.
Scientists have long studied why endangered species got that way.
Emphasize to students that mammals are not the only threatened or endangered species.
The court system might be one place to look for guidance, as people are punished there for killing endangered species.
Rehabilitating endangered species where each individual can still make a difference to saving the species.
The key to the problem was to have elephants declared an endangered species.
Breeding the highly endangered species is critical to the animals' conservation in the wild.
Tigers are an endangered species, rapidly being poached out of existence.
The new park doesn't teem with endangered species or boast pristine wilderness enclaves.
Scalloped hammerhead sharks, also on the globally endangered species list, also live in the waters.
For once, researchers come up with good news for an endangered species.
But in some circles, handshakes are becoming something of an endangered species, thanks to swine flu concerns.

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