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The killing of any endangered species except in defense of a human life is a crime.
We have lost the sciences, almost lost the social sciences, and the humanities are endangered.
But in the rich world newspapers are now an endangered species.
Protecting endangered species is an expensive proposition.
Endangered instruments tug one musician's heartstrings.
Others merely think it fun to touch something so bulbous and endangered.
It's a fairly common practice to help certain endangered species in the wild by providing them with extra food or prey.
New programming is an endangered species, hiring freezes are the name of the game, and everything seems up for grabs.
The relentless destruction of their tropical-forest habitat has endangered their entire species.
All four tapir species are endangered or threatened, largely due to hunting and habitat loss.
It may be the end of the road for an endangered species of rabbit.
After hours of shouting and heaving, the team manages to load seven of these endangered animals into the truck.
The desert tortoise was declared an endangered species today because it is threatened by a respiratory disease.
We face the same choices in this era of endangered print.
Endangered fish species may be preserved by manipulating more common species to produce them.
The researchers noted that similar tests could be used to check for traces of endangered animal flesh in food products.
Obviously, he is arrested and taken before a judge, as the eagle is endangered.
Sometimes there are so many stories about endangered species that not all of them can be covered in depth by this blog.
Digital files, cloud computing and accelerating broadband have long put bike messengers on the endangered species list.
The commonly found peyote plant is often confused with the endangered star cactus.
Illegal trade in endangered species continues to grow around the world.
One of the risks in writing about endangered species is concentrating too much on the cute ones.
But these days, as more and more of us are using laptops rather than desktops, the mouse has become an endangered species.
Cows are seen so infrequently that they might be imagined to be an endangered species.
Any discovery of a new population of an endangered species is good news, but this one's extra-good.
Not every story about endangered species is horrible.
The news about endangered species doesn't slow down.
IN many towns and cities, the newspaper is an endangered species.
Endangered by the fire of their friends if they continue within the city, and plundered by the soldiery if they leave it.
Researchers seek fine-scale impact maps for a nation endangered by climate change.
To an environmentalist, half an endangered species is an extinct species.
When accused of police brutality cops often claim to be endangered, regardless of the facts of the situation.
The largest study of a tiger population has yielded a rare bit of good news for the highly endangered cats.
None of these species are listed as endangered, but no one knows the potential impact from thousands of deaths each year.
Instead of whales, maybe the endangered mega-fauna is us.
The critically endangered species is elusive, rarely photographed and almost never observed in the wild.
Untold billions of fragile and endangered species are dying.
Responsible travelers with a keen awareness of endangered wildlife often turn to a cause when searching for eco-vacations.
The art of the personal letter is endangered but not dead.
But zoos today are, more often than not, places where endangered species are bred in verdant and naturalistic enclosures.
Pipeline routes from the platforms to the island had to be changed to avoid the feeding grounds of an endangered whale.
Thus productivity growth in the world economy is doubly endangered.
Amazon endangered those stores, but you still had to wait for the book to ship.
The system itself will be endangered rather than containable and preceding parts of the system.
Western lowland gorillas are endangered, but they remain far more common than their relatives, the mountain gorillas.
All five remaining tiger subspecies are endangered, and many protection programs are in place.
Of the seven species of sea turtles, six are listed as endangered.
Information and activity for children and students about endangered species.
Information for children and students about endangered species.
Endangered species are plants and animals that are in immediate danger of becoming extinct and need protection to survive.
As the globe warms, more than the climate is endangered.
Soon there will be a new faux pas du jour: eating the endangered swordfish.
It is endangered in the wild, but fish farming keeps it on the menu.

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