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Example sentences for end product

But the end product didn't amount to a hill of beans to many traders-they wanted the means of production.
The end product, although high in quality, is a tough sell.
That's my term for promising to do something grander than what the end product could actually be.
The end product will be maps of subjective experience.
But the end product might actually perform better for a lot of riders.
The scientists and engineers are hydroforming blind, and the end product exists only in the imagination.
The fiber manufacturing process is simpler, yet the end product is more expensive simply because there's not enough demand.
It takes a bit longer, but for some, the end product might feel more satisfying.
They are the end product of negotiations between the unions and the government.
Regardless of the quality of the end product, he was nothing if not a deliberate thinker.
What we're seeing across the web today, in these outpourings, is the end product of that relationship.

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