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They take a small and interesting chapter in the book of evolution and extrapolate it into the entire encyclopedia of life.
To say that the book is an encyclopedia of human hearts would not be an exaggeration.
Get fast facts and a detailed history from this encyclopedia article.
They've just finished printing an encyclopedia unlike any encyclopedia ever printed before.
To be really first-class, an encyclopedia must be authoritative and thorough.
As he remembers it, this particular encyclopedia covered so many subjects that the index alone filled two thick volumes.
Some oppose this practice for a neutral encyclopedia.
It was published in shortened form in an encyclopedia.
There's never been an encyclopedia like this one before.
Online encyclopedia tightens rules following false article.
You seemed to have stopped halfway down the encyclopedia entry.
The online encyclopedia is written entirely by volunteers.
After all, biotechnology is based on the genetic building-blocks of life—in short, on nature's huge encyclopedia of information.
Any idiot can buy an encyclopedia and look up information.
The human genetic code can be thought of as an encyclopedia in multiple volumes.
How an attempt to build an online encyclopedia touched off history's biggest experiment in collaborative knowledge.
The online encyclopedia has a uniquely productive culture.
Eventually, this online database may become a unique encyclopedia of information about the neighborhood.
The job of editing the largest encyclopedia that mankind has ever created isn't all serious.
It's a comprehensive encyclopedia of people, places and things from the books.
Yet two seemingly contradictory things happened: chaos reigned, and an encyclopedia emerged.
There is already an open-source cola recipe, an open-source encyclopedia and open-source academic journals.
In one proof-of-principle experiment, published earlier this year, human computers were used to create encyclopedia entries.
Let's talk about your idea for an encyclopedia of life.
The philosophy encyclopedia, though interesting, did not teach me any hypotheses from the physics.
The online encyclopedia is suddenly adding fewer articles and has fewer editors.

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