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The idea of encryption is to make a message unreadable, except to the receiver.
We use data encryption technology to help protect against loss, misuse or alteration of your credit card information.
As long as you don't write your own algorithm, secure encryption is easy.
The research was supposed to be about developing a method for decoding all existing encryption codes.
He never revealed the encryption code or the program he used to defeat it.
Now a new approach to computer encryption could help protect the files of stolen laptops.
Wider use of encryption might seem an obvious answer.
To this day, no other encryption scheme is known to be unbreakable.
Sometimes mediocre encryption is better than strong encryption, and sometimes no encryption is better still.
The detective routinely recorded his own calls, and the government has not faced the same encryption problems with those.
The second circuit handles decompression and encryption.
E-mail encryption is a good idea that hasn't taken hold, mainly because it's such a pain to use.
Sound network design and strong encryption can reduce the risk and consequences of data breach.
However, the computing power and software needed for strong encryption was out of reach to those pioneers.
But encryption is rarely used by the citizenry it was supposed to protect and empower.
The difference is especially important for encryption.
Along these lines, one could add a third point about always-on encryption.
All transactions are secured using public-key encryption, a technique which underpins many online dealings.
And there is a raft of encryption methods to stall, if not stymie, would-be software and digital media pirates.
It doesn't protect the typefaces with encryption, but with a girdle of ownership defined in clear text.
On the other side are those who argue for a civilian response to the threat, focussed on a wider use of encryption.
Modern techniques for encrypting information come in one of two types: secret-key encryption and public-key encryption.
Until recently, quantum encryption has been hidden away in specialized laboratories.
And voice encryption can render a telephone wiretap useless.
Quantum networks would offer an even more secure alternative to public key encryption.
Easy-to-use encryption technology for communications security.
In general, quantum computers could be extremely efficient at encryption and data searching.
It's relatively straightforward to protect this data thanks to the many kinds of data encryption algorithms that are available.
Encryption is the process of encoding data to prevent unauthorized access.
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