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It is also an automatic, silent, encrypted backup of your essentials.
BlackBerry messages are widely thought to be tightly encrypted.
Your neighbors can't see encrypted communication with your counselor, but they can see you entering a psychologist's office.
Encrypted calls are not protected from interception because the rogue tower can simply turn it off.
Information that is often encrypted includes designs for high-tech products, data about oil and other energy.
Smartphones are essentially minicomputers and usually pull down data using encrypted cell networks.
Encrypted within this discussion is a more sophisticated argument about the nascent medium of video games.
The best way to protect yourself is to use encrypted protocols when communicating with servers.
All credit card information is encrypted and protected.
For a truly secure system, the message will be encrypted in a way that requires a mathematical key to unlock it.
No matter how well its transmissions are encrypted, the device itself remains vulnerable to being hacked.
Its in-house encrypted e-mail system is secure-until some lazy official forgets to use it and sends an extra copy in plain text.
Driving to the psychologist's office and sitting in a public waiting room is far more insecure than encrypted communications.
Each satellite transmits two signals, one for civilian use and another, encrypted version for military purposes.
Chief among them: the ability to swiftly crack encrypted communications.
Or try it as an automatic, silent, encrypted backup of your essentials.
Many of the diskettes were encrypted, which made them even harder to decipher.
The later two would be encrypted to ensure security.
One of the issues is that sensor data is often encrypted.
The certificates contain encrypted data that lets browsers and other software confirm that a website is legitimate.
All information leaves a cell phone and is encrypted as it travels to the bank.
For the authorized user, the key looks good--the data gets encrypted.
Someone may eavesdrop on this and record the full traffic stream, archiving it in the encrypted format.
In addition the data being carried is often sensitive and needs to be encrypted anyway.
More complex systems bounce data around a few hops, with identifying data encrypted, to protect anonymity.
The answer enables one to obtain the key used to decode a particular piece of encrypted data.
All reservations and forms used to retrieve reservations send information in an encrypted format.
Information originally was not encrypted, but was not accessible by other apps, he says.
The unit's forensic examiners are often tasked with decoding encrypted evidence after subjects have been arrested.
Nor does this test procedure dictate when an encrypted and integrity protected link must be used and for specific types of data.
Data is encrypted before transmission and decrypted after it is received.
When a file is encrypted, it is encrypted at its original location on the disk.
Additionally, non-encrypted data will be available for purposes of performance measures.
Your credit card payment is processed as a secure, encrypted transaction for your protection.
Information is encrypted for privacy during transit.
The information contained on this site is encrypted.
Records review results in encrypted, fully searchable log files.
Your tax return information is encrypted and transmitted over secure lines to ensure confidentiality.
When this happens, the information is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else.
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