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In theory, quantum cryptography--the use of quantum systems to encrypt information securely--is perfectly secure.
Critics say that it did not protect its servers sufficiently and used algorithms to encrypt data that can be easily cracked.
Instead, it is the keys used to encrypt the data that rely on quantum theory.
Past systems designed to encrypt e-mails all relied on ways of storing their keys safely.
All they had to do was encrypt all production media so that only one player could play them.
They may not know how to encrypt an online payment system, but they answer their phones with commendable briskness.
With homomorphic encryption, a company could encrypt its entire database of e-mails and upload it to a cloud.
It's been more than ten years now since the idea emerged of using chaos to encrypt messages.
Each user has a cryptographic key on his or her device for every friend that is used to encrypt and decrypt shared information.
So cryptographers can use it to send a secure key called a one time pad that can then be used to encrypt a message.
The scheme is to publish a public key that anybody can use to encrypt a message.
The card will also encrypt and decode employees' e-mail.
Federal law that requires government agencies and private industry to encrypt, or digitally scramble, sensitive data.
To ensure that only its intended recipients can read the message, you can encrypt its contents and any files you attach to it.
When using symmetric keys, all communicating parties use only one key to both encrypt and decrypt a message.
Once the connection is established no action is required by the sender or the receiver to encrypt e-mail.
The sender uses the recipient's public key to encrypt a message.
If you want to send your information via e-mail, you should encrypt the message.
Mechanism to protect, mask or encrypt the identifier.
Encryption can be used to encrypt an individual file containing sensitive information or to encrypt all stored data.
Encrypt the entire archive after all files have been added.
These certificates will now be used to sign and encrypt your email.
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