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High rollers showing off their diamond-encrusted mobile phones are not part of the plan.
Walk into the bush in some areas and your shoes quickly become encrusted with oil.
The relics are housed in a magnificent sarcophagus, encrusted with jewels and embossed with gold and silver.
His expansive collection of precious everyday objects includes a jewel encrusted baseball and a sapphire-studded mailbox.
Forty thousand pounds of silver encrusted the sanctuary.
Archaeologists removed the encrusted lantern and x-rayed it.
Loggerheads are about the same size as greens but are handicapped by stubby flippers and barnacle-encrusted shells.
The buildings were encrusted with soot, instead of shining pink and proud.
The floor is blood-encrusted from years of walrus and seal hunts.
Close by are a diamond-encrusted conch shell and discus, his traditional accessories.
Through the one window, snow-encrusted spruces sway and dogs are curled up on the seats of the sleds.
Look for her bold hardware, cool cut-out dresses and jewel-encrusted bathing suits.
The interior is thickly encrusted from top to bottom with corals and sponges.
Filet mignon is the entree specialty of the house and is available encrusted in spices or garlic and red peppers.
The goal of both inventions is to keep the blades from becoming encrusted with ice.
Newspaper writing, by contrast, is encrusted with conventions that don't add to your understanding of the news.
The chicken features a crackling, herb-encrusted skin and moist, tender meat.
The ship was so heavy that the salvage team had to cut it into nine pieces with a diamond-encrusted wire in order to lift it.
The other sides of the slabs were encrusted with barnacles.
Over that goes chocolate-flavored coating encrusted chopped peanuts.
It was a horseshoe ring, diamond-encrusted around the horseshoe, with a horse's head going across the center.
Keep the bottom of your fireplace or charcoal grill from becoming encrusted with soot.
They often have solid cell walls encrusted with sporopollenin.
White, encrusted salts can be seen at its edges, evidence that its waters are as saline as the ocean.
Sometimes, cavities in the wood are encrusted with chalcedony and lined with quartz crystals.
Large wind-swept alkali lakes are surrounded by barren, salt-encrusted beaches and large glacial boulders.
The bottom, sides, and top of the lake were quickly encrusted as the lava chilled.
The erratics are located on two tidal flats that are thickly encrusted with blue mussel.
The bone sample was highly encrusted and in-filled with non-calcareous minerals.

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