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Technical encroachment on our lives is fashionable to worry about.
Sceptics reply that evidence of encroachment abounds.
Shrinking habitat, increased drought, and human encroachment are putting their future in jeopardy.
Results, however, could speak to the effects of human encroachment on animal habitats.
The other is that tech encroachment on our lives is fashionable to worry about.
The past few years have seen an upsurge of peasant protests, many of them about the rapid encroachment of cities into rural land.
People sometimes hunt these tiny lizards for food, and human encroachment is destroying some of its habitat.
Another such case is excessive encroachment on wilderness areas.
Signs of this encroachment appear all around the world.
The main threats to their survival in the wild include poaching and habitat encroachment by humans.
Human encroachment likely impacts some parts of its habitat, but it currently has no special conservation status.
Urban encroachment and the runoff of pesticides further threaten this region.
Loon populations are currently stable, but a number of threats loom, including human encroachment and pollution.
But it is almost impossible, federal officials concede, to protect them from encroachment.
The source of the problem is human encroachment into the baboons' historic habitat.
They are still a threatened species, of course, but that's because of human encroachment on their habitat.
Despite encroachment of modernity, hogan building design has changed little over the years.
It is only in the earlier stages that any stand can be successfully made against the encroachment.
There are also paradoxical stresses, such as habitat encroachment, which send bats off on a hunt for new food sources.
Summarized below are references applicable to encroachment permit submittals.
Any connection to a county-maintained road is considered an encroachment.

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