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Example sentences for encroach

For years, he has watched it encroach from the shores that face the sound and the sea.
Opponents say the law will encroach on privacy and jeopardize civil liberties.
As a result, they sometimes encroach on territory private-equity firms consider their own.
They will not encroach on technology and medicine.
The city had hoped to use cameras mounted on the buses to catch cars that encroach in the special lanes.
Most recently, the largest technology companies have decided to encroach on each other's turf.
Not infrequently they are partially subdivided by indentations which encroach upon their margins.
They are fenced off from the fluid below, and do not encroach on the cup at the sides.
As more parts of the building are devoted to holding it up, they encroach on the space for working or living in.
The encroach of evil is slow and methodical, but it will not be denied.
They mark the area with urine, roar menacingly to warn intruders, and chase off animals that encroach on their turf.
As hotter summers encroach on autumn, the fires are ending later as well.
Yet vital habitat is being destroyed as sprawling human populations encroach.
Here, oblivion appears to encroach on the protagonist and eventually stamp out all embers of emotion.
There has to be a good reason to encroach on individual freedom and autonomy.
While the dams encroach on the river, airplanes and helicopters encroach on the natural silence.
Application for license to encroach on right-of-way.
Requests for ingress into the right of way requires the completion of an application to encroach.
Uncovered decks, porches, and entry stairs may encroach into setbacks to the extent provided in the table below.
These items must be placed so they do not encroach or impede sidewalks or public right-of-way.
In addition, some development proposals may encroach into the stream or wetland or buffer.
Heavy rains or ice run-off can cause many bodies of water to swell and encroach upon towns and cities.
Despite heightened concern, bulldozers continued to encroach upon the numerous pristine, unprotected wilds.
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