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Governments spent a fortune encouraging people to buy houses.
The world is full of weird plants and more and more people are encouraging them to take root in their gardens.
Encouraging physical activity may be as simple as offering small rewards.
Encouraging the flow of information and catching the runoff.
Thank you for encouraging the world to take a moment and see these wonders of the world.
The lack of false positives is particularly encouraging in light of existing detection methods.
Encouraging couples who are in a rocky relationship to marry is no panacea.
It's encouraging to see how her confidence and presentation style have developed through the years.
There is much to be said for encouraging children to follow their own natural curiosity.
But in other ways the comparison was not encouraging.
Focus on encouraging pride and self worth for a race which has contributed economically,socially, and politically.
The outlook for the biggest emerging economies is more encouraging.
Sosa is giving them away, encouraging locals to put them in their gardens.
The next act may be about to commence-with a change of scenery and some encouraging noises off.
Start small, encouraging children to stay involved along the way.
While encouraging future executives to embrace transparency and ethics is all fine and good, it's hardly sufficient.
Many politicians are encouraging them, keen to boost tourism and rural economies.
The lobsters are tagged and dyed, encouraging fishermen not to take them out of the water.
By anthropomorphizing their products, robot designers may unwittingly be encouraging needless bloodshed.
These efforts have already begun to yield encouraging results.
Nothing at all wrong with encouraging the use of green energy.
To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.
Previous research had been stepping closer to encouraging neuronal growth-which usually stops after physical maturation.
The rest say there is no change-which is, given the starting point, not encouraging.
Other discoveries, however, were not as encouraging.
There's no money to be made by encouraging sound agricultural practices.
The results of this do-it-yourself approach were encouraging.
In one sense, the phone-hacking crisis offers encouraging news.
As encouraging as the model results have been, there is still room for improvement.
Either way, doctors say the product is encouraging the skin to heal unlike anything else used before.
However, the system should be able to maintain the cooperation among students while encouraging them to work harder.
The same stark contrast prevails in other fault zones: encouraging ideas, discouraging progress.
But it is an encouraging quote when you are having a time of doing, well, anything.
But the encouraging signals that these moves send matter even more than their direct effects.
Some of these expectations may be encouraging and some discouraging.
The conference did, however, bring some encouraging news.
Yet, despite its somber moniker, the song itself is actually quite encouraging.
As a homeowner, however, encouraging market trends don't mean much to you if you don't first get the facts.
Encouraging stuff, though some fret that any hiccup in equity markets could scupper these plans.
There was some encouraging talk of leasing the libraries for community use, but the court order prevents this.
These involve encouraging guerrilla desertions and targeting the leadership.
It is really encouraging people to think about the parameters they put around those definitions.
Instead, costs are fixed according to the value of a house, encouraging over-consumption.
The authorities seem to have had second thoughts about encouraging more combative contests.
The data also paint an encouraging picture of broad-based growth.
Yet regulating something is not the same as encouraging it.
It is encouraging that consumer spending has started to play a bigger role of late.
To mitigate the damage from the poor monsoon, the government is encouraging farmers to plant more winter crops.
For another, it will create jobs by encouraging firms to invest in their networks.
He or she is left with the job, a crucial one, of enabling and encouraging new leaders at every level.
Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats, it is a call to conscience.
Its reaction to that message has been exceedingly encouraging.
NO one can contemplate current conditions without finding much that is satisfying and still more that is encouraging.
They found encouraging signs of the woodpecker's habitat.
The result is a virtuous cycle where openness becomes the norm, encouraging even more participation.
So encouraging people to take on debt qualifies as a genuinely bad idea.
And while the results of last year's rebate seem to have been somewhat more encouraging, much of it still went unspent.
To be fair, a variety of things have been tried to stop the foreclosure boom, but the results haven't been encouraging.
It's not yet clear how many students may have died, but early reports are encouraging.
What's encouraging about the present moment is that no single regime holds sway.
No one really knows how warm the world would have to get before that happens, but the signs are not encouraging.
As for terrorism, there are encouraging examples in other democracies.
In principle, this too would equalize the treatment of debt and equity, and stop encouraging companies to load up on leverage.
Of course he could not have been kinder or more encouraging.
It pays not to be overly romantic about the nature of any broad opposition, no matter how encouraging it is overall.
Pillsbury suggests encouraging the designing of unique t-shirts by the individual families that make up your family gathering.
Encouraging active lifestyles can lower health costs.
Still, the third straight monthly sales increase was encouraging.
However, the editor's letter was vague, and wasn't exactly encouraging.
Encouraging such collaboration will require leadership and commitment from presidents and provosts.
It also requires encouraging older students, nontraditional students, to pursue college degrees.
The latest approach to encouraging kids to eat fruits and vegetables is edible stickers.
However, we're not going to close the shortfall by encouraging debt-financed consumer spending.
But the explosion of student debt in the last decade is a pernicious trend that the colleges themselves are encouraging.
Encouraging them to express themselves will never do anybody much good, much less society.
While the trend of more openings is encouraging, the bigger picture for job seekers remains bleak.
And, though he got encouraging results, he doesn't put much stock in the test's predictive abilities.
So it is encouraging that things have gone as smoothly as they have so far.
Encouraging office chat invites the same over-sharing of information that turns email from a productivity-booster to a time-suck.
It has shrunk a lot during the twentieth century, which is encouraging, but it's still pretty big.
Say something encouraging to your people about ending the war.
It is encouraging to see so many of them holding their own and adapting to the digital age in various ways.
Initial tests of the idea were encouraging but inconclusive.
Second, it should simplify development, encouraging a broader range of applications.
But there is encouraging news about population growth.
The results are not entirely encouraging the trade off between the accuracy of the recommendations and privacy is always apparent.
Encouraging people to work for less seems to take us in that direction.
It is definitely encouraging that the coal power plants are being retrofitted with some sort of scrubbing technology.
The prognosis for soldiers returning home with symptoms of brain damage is not encouraging.
We are working with many of these vendors and encouraging them to scale up their equipment.
Denying birth control is encouraging unsustainable breeding.
However the fact that prominent musicians are concerned with the bigger issues is always encouraging.
They also set about encouraging motorists to maintain full inflation pressures.
Experimental planting on a small scale has been undertaken by the government, with encouraging results.
Nevertheless, his findings served as a catalyst, encouraging many researchers to study self-change in addictive behaviors.
It was an incredibly encouraging thing to see these movies.
There are a few encouraging signs that a day of reckoning is drawing near.
At last some of those projects are yielding encouraging results.
And from such discoveries come all sorts of encouraging possibilities for treating or even curing these diseases.
Results from the probe's built-in lab were anything but encouraging.
Here the news is more murky, though perhaps more encouraging.
No, although it's sort of encouraging that there are people working on it at all.
They lure their prey, encouraging them to approach and strike.
They consistently say that they are simply encouraging people to ask big questions and contemplate deep issues.
It has even invented a number of nutria-based recipes, encouraging citizens to make nutria a delicious part of their daily diets.
Stimulating the economy is done by encouraging new business, for example.
But the fact that it seemed utterly invisible without milk was not an encouraging sign.
Promote self-efficacy by encouraging your family member to explore treatment options.
The devil's second objection is that multiple languages promote strife by encouraging people to view other peoples as different.
The reasons for the cooling trend are not encouraging.
The results at the first stand were not encouraging.
It is encouraging to see that neuroscientists and paleoanthropologists are working together.
It is important to be aware of the dangers presented by rhetoric encouraging cultural uniformity.
But there's nothing to prevent him from giving large contributions to the organization or encouraging his clients to do so.

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