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It is by such encounters that wits come to know each other.
It is ordinary life with a vengeance which one encounters in issuing from the steamer dock and facing again his native city.
Anthropologists who favor such cooperation cite the upside of the encounters.
Presumably the student who encounters such a curriculum may be none the wiser about what he missed.
When he encounters other dogs, however, a different pattern has emerged.
The gangs he encounters are also organised and sophisticated.
When he encounters a graph, map or other such figure, the pins rise when the mouse is on a line.
In such encounters, neither party can decide what to do without taking into account the actions of the other.
The book lacks a traditional plot and instead concentrates on the narrator's encounters with place and memory.
After such encounters with uninvolved individuals, the rendezvous is always transferred to a location with a secure lock.
If the bank encounters difficulties, triggering conversion, shareholders would be automatically and immediately diluted.
The second section describes social encounters during which it becomes essential to talk about unread books.
Other puppies, he says, could be the products of anything from joyful encounters in leafy suburbs to deliberate breeding by thugs.
In previous encounters, efforts had been made to spare rank-and-file soldiers.
Immersive encounters and learning adventures abound for the whole family.
The birds are solitary aside from brief encounters during the breeding season.
The episode reminded me of my own early encounters with robotic dinosaurs.
Yet a generic dog can mate successfully with wolves it encounters.
When a bacterium enters the body, the first line of defense it encounters is the innate immune system.
Trysts with weaklings, it seems, leave the females roaches in better shape than do encounters with more aggressive males.
First-time encounters thus resulted in initially high levels of predation.
But there can only be one acceptable outcome-an absolute right to record our encounters with authority.
Their solitary lifestyle makes social encounters between individual polar bears extremely uncommon.
Laser light bouncing off the tip records its movements and traces whatever surfaces it encounters, wet or dry.
During these encounters, which may last from minutes to an hour, the squirrel frequently bushes and wags its tail.
The problem of human-coyote encounters does not lie with those animals that live in their traditional wilderness habitats.
And even in fleeting encounters, the truth sometimes revealed itself unexpectedly.
He'll be bouncing around the region as much as possible and writing about things he encounters along the way.
Each article is available in its original format, too, which makes for fun serendipitous encounters with weird stuff.
Illusion relies upon confounding expectations, and its initial success resets those expectations for future encounters.
The whole becomes a source of serendipitous encounters.
While encounters between hikers and bears are rare, try to minimize potential conflicts.
Structured encounters are hands-on times with the dolphins.
The area boasts great scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, as well as encounters with wildlife and excursions to the beach.
Inverted drafting happens when a leading object encounters less drag than the object behind it.
He does some menacing push-ups and prepares for the head-butting and tail-whipping common in aggressive lizard encounters.
When a positron encounters its regular opposite, an electron, both are destroyed in a shower of new particles.
He has spoken often of chance encounters with aliens, some of whom have been kind enough to invite him onto their space ships.
He encounters an often hilarious and bawdy but ultimately bleak metropolis that looks and sounds disturbingly familiar.
For someone whose job was to connect with people, he has amazingly little of interest to say about those he encounters.
In this series of encounters, the two generations were able to draw strength from each other.
Even if a taxi never encounters a slowdown, clues from the trip can indicate an underlying problem with urban planning.
It then encounters a series of alternating silver and aluminum-oxide layers.
But on the rare occasions that he encounters an ailment he's never seen before, chances are another physician at the hospital has.
It could also prevent a computer from locking up if it encounters a problem.
The penguin-recognition software uses a learning algorithm that gets better the more data it encounters.
To measure position, it emits an infrared beam and measures how long that light takes to bounce back from objects it encounters.
Every private business encounters risks in pursuit of rewards in its operations.
Such were my first encounters with so-called haptic rendering.
More and more trays of surgical instruments are brought in as the surgeon encounters tricky conditions or unusual anatomy.
Some close encounters aren't as close as you might think.
When the brain encounters an odor, it temporarily saves the data in the banana-shaped hippocampus.
Also see one writer's account of the dozens of plastic objects she encounters every day-all before lunch.
But every single brain is absolutely individual, both in its development and in the way it encounters the world.
Each of these nasal encounters could be a source of infection.
They are thus content to reside harmlessly inside the nematode until the worm encounters their breeding ground.
The little-known recordings picked up stairwell conversations, ambient radio broadcasts, and drugged-out encounters.
And that's what makes those encounters so memorable.
In courthouse encounters she is alternatively friendly and hostile, and totally unpredictable.
Everybody encounters a patch of horrendous parenting here and there.
Encounters are mutual, reciprocal two-way rather than one-way streets.
These encounters were high-spirited and often highly entertaining.
He reported fantastic encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence.
She skewers the pretensions of bad art and bad faith when she encounters them.
But reproducing all digressions, all odds and ends of dimly remembered encounters, from a taped reminiscence is irresponsible.
His days are marked out by a variety of small encounters, both deliberate and random.
Other events and encounters got recycled in a similar way.
In broad strokes, mine comes from vivid encounters with the human imagination.
One of these figures wanders off and encounters the threatening glare of headlights and the honking of car horns.
But every reporter remembers the special moments and the extraordinary people he encounters.
Increasingly, they are in pursuit of unique encounters as well.
They range from fleeting glimpses of bears to close encounters.

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