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We may never know the outcome of such a prehistoric encounter-or even if a meeting occurred.
But you are more likely than you were in the past to discover something useful through a chance encounter.
Their meeting wasn't so much a typical agent-client encounter but the start of an intense creative collaboration.
Do everything you can to avoid an encounter with any bear.
Here are some common plants your dog might encounter.
In solitude one has no encounter with others, even in consciousness or negatively by their absence.
It's hard to determine whether there are any lasting embers from that encounter.
The greater good fortune may be in the timing of this cordial encounter.
First they'll encounter a medley of lakes, papyrus swamps, and forest clearings.
He has made a full recovery after his encounter with the dog.
The spacecraft's encounter with Neptune was its last planetary flyby.
Step ashore and you'll be amazed by the rare forms of life you'll encounter.
Electrons that encounter water molecules replace the electrons in the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen.
From this simple encounter a universe unfolds.
Ailments you may encounter include peach leaf curl and brown rot of stone fruit.
Edible flowers you are apt to encounter at the market are listed below.
But as the visitors arrive at the ancient wonder, they encounter a modern controversy.
The researchers carried out their study so that other archaeologists will have a guide for when they encounter gnawed bones.
When these skinks encounter cane toads, they eat them without consequence.
Yet for the small fraction of faculty members who do encounter such pressures, academic freedom makes a major difference.
Elderly professors should be addressed formally at first encounter.
Now consider the words the governor used to describe the encounter to the media afterwards.
And some high-school students use them to get a jump on material they will encounter when they get to college.
Both our fragments refer to the time immediately before the final encounter.
Many animals come away from a porcupine encounter with quills protruding from their own snouts or bodies.
When you encounter folks who are so poverty-stricken, it's a gruesome option for them but it is an option.
If they are good they leave one hungry for the next encounter.
Search engines work by dispatching hordes of robotic spiders to crawl the web and index the keywords on every page they encounter.
Two possible solutions spring to mind, although both would encounter resistance.
Sheltering from a rainstorm in an abandoned factory, the boys encounter a trio of tramps.
Thus what would otherwise have been a solitary moment is magically transformed into a pleasant encounter.
They are also a strong influence on perceptions of inflation, because consumers encounter them so frequently.
He had little to gain from such an encounter, and much to lose.
All the same, there is a whiff of history about next week's encounter.
Even pod cars must slow down for turns and inclines, and can encounter congestion.
And video-calling may begin to encounter stiff resistance.
If they stop rotating, a rapid and terminal encounter with the ground beckons.
The shallow water encounter is open to guests of all ages and swimming abilities.
Meanwhile, a video camera recorded the encounter at thousands of frames per second.
But that's the point of training-to acclimate students to the kinds of stresses they'll encounter in space.
The satellites do not encounter a natural particle accelerator on every orbit.
It is easy to imagine her in that distant encounter-the same direct gaze, the same friendly face and flyaway hair.
Interestingly it does suggest a strong biological bottleneck every intelligent species in the universe is likely to encounter.
People with depression encounter a lot of pharmaceutical frustration.
Hatchlings moving out into open water, where they may encounter oil, need to be monitored too.
But this year, they will encounter something different.
As adults move into older age, the spatial and social barriers they encounter start taking their toll.
Or perhaps you're still recovering from a traumatic encounter with a mouthful of gristle.
Spend two hours in a public place where you are not likely to encounter people you know.
But prediction markets also encounter the occasional snafu.
It's not a big problem, but you would encounter it each and every day.
Responding to eye-catching sights enables robots to act independently when they encounter something unexpected.
The wider the spectrum of velocities among the droplets, the more likely an encounter with turbulence.
Every office encounter includes a furtive glance at the papers left out on a desk.
Entering the town, you encounter a welcoming committee of baying dogs.
Their first encounter apparently set the pattern between pastor and parishioner whenever politics came up in church.
Every encounter with a cave animal takes it and you by surprise.
Elephants will even sound a low-frequency alarm call when they encounter bees, causing other nearby elephants to back away, too.
At the next encounter he follows them for a short distance before the anxiety becomes too much and he turns back.
These ensure that even riders who encounter powerful turbulence won't be catapulted off the slide.
When emergency room doctors encounter a patient with a neuromuscular disorder, usually the diagnosis has already been made.
The deeper you go, the more wave energy you encounter.
His chats had led only once before to a real encounter, three years earlier.
One doesn't usually encounter senior citizens who are quite so wily and elusive.
If it is unconscious then he has nothing to say about how its encounter with a mind results in consciousness.
Walking around this exhibition, you encounter the ancestry of that handiwork.
Learners need experienced leadership when they encounter rough terrain.
The difference between eccentricity and originality in historical studies is often difficult to detect at first encounter.
But the poet left satirical messages bobbing merrily in bottles, and wrote up the feat as if it had been an epic encounter.
He then abruptly ended the press encounter, and left the room.
Early warning in either instance could have saved the world from a dangerous encounter.
It's also a good idea to bring up any extraordinary hardships you'll encounter by not having a job.

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