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Some prion diseases are caused by hereditary mutations in the gene encoding this protein.
Clever encoding and signal-processing algorithms can exorcise such ghosts.
First of all, let's review the difference between encoding and encryption.
When all video is digitized, encoding and tracking all the ads becomes a snap.
Our methods will find out details of the encoding genes without harming any frogs.
According to the report, diabetic mice and rats went into remission five days after receiving the insulin-encoding gene.
The encoding of the patterns takes the fewest bits possible with the ability to read off a unique pattern at each bit position.
Information is teleported from one ion to another by encoding quantum information onto the first ion.
The amygdala is the emotional center of the brain and has an influence over all stages of memory, from encoding to recollection.
These computer files are known as mp3 files, an audio encoding format.
The data encoding these words was carried as pulses of light on its journey from my computer to yours.
These researchers were encoding digital data by varying the intensity of a pulse of light.
Such filters are crucial to, say, encoding information on a certain terahertz frequency.
The different operating systems of the day used many different kinds of remote terminals and text encoding schemes.
There has been substantial reorganization of gene families encoding proteins present in milk.
There must be some physical change in the hippocampal neurons that represents the encoding of new information.
So you might be able to multiplex data through this system at the buses using multi-wavelength laser encoding.
The idea of one thing encoding the properties of another thing is not so odd.
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