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If you're paying attention, there can be an awful lot of information encoded in a series of nose sniffs.
To get the encoded message, copy down the entire first row and append the entire second row.
With higher baud rates, more than one bit per second can be encoded in each of the frequency or voltage changes.
Researchers found that preferences for when people wake and go to sleep is encoded in their genes and the molecules of skin cells.
These encoded genes allow the bacterium to alter its cell wall structure to prevent the drug from causing any damage.
The tools of modern molecular genetics can help us read the history encoded there.
Encoded in the world's longevity cultures are millennia of observed human experience.
Indifferent to our presence, the turtle was following an innate program encoded millions of years ago.
Wonderful in many ways, if the archivists can retrieve all the encoded data and make it available, but strange.
Even a message that is impregnably encoded by today's standards may be cracked in the future.
In other words, they are encoded in the way that the nerve cells which make up the brain are connected to one another.
It was this rich seam of thinking that seemed to be encoded in the drawings.
He is also attaching bits to enzymes that are not genetically encoded.
Light striking this pattern is scattered as though it were actually striking the object encoded by the interference pattern.
She creates molecular music, better to appreciate patterns in the proteins that are encoded by particular genes.
Once these layers are separated, each shows only a seemingly random pattern of tiny squares, yet contains the encoded vote.
New research shows it might have to do with how the experiences are encoded in the brain.
The light carries data, such as web pages and phone calls, encoded as variations in brightness.
Already, there are digitally encoded movies circulating on campus networks.
Once a company that produces a certain product goes out of business, it has no simple way to uncover how its product encoded data.
With the right coaxing, some critters will even make proteins from the cryptic recipes encoded by each round molecule.
Let's make a simple estimate of how much information is encoded in a human body.
Such messages--encoded as electrical impulses--constantly stream through our nervous system.
Such changes, they say, can be the result of information encoded within the system's global state.
Only then does its content become encoded in memory.
In this way our binary encoded messages could simultaneously be independently transmitted over a single optical fiber.
Each tag incorporates a tiny microchip encoded with a unique identification number.
Interesting stories often lie encoded in names that seem either capricious or misconstrued.
The researchers then encoded the state they wanted to teleport into the light beam with laser pulses.
The pictures' real importance was tucked inside, in encoded messages detailing secret meetings.
Every bud is sensitive to multiple flavors, which are encoded by different nerve-firing patterns.
Our brains develop according to a recipe encoded in our genes.
If sensing disgust does enhance survival, then it is likely to be encoded in our genes.
Their emotional state seems to be encoded in sound more than anything else.
The magnetization appears to have been encoded in the rock during a period of cooling thousands of years long.
Most neuroscientists think memories are encoded over a sprawling network of neurons in the brain.
It encoded a protein made only by cells in the placenta.
Perhaps this distribution encoded the virus's history.
They need normal proteins that are encoded within the genome of their host to make more copies of themselves.
Each pigment is encoded in a single gene, and any given photoreceptor in the retina uses only one.
They depend on the fact that their proteins are encoded by the same triplets as those of their hosts.
It's as if the makers of this particular universe wrote down the recipe they used and encoded it in the microwave background.
Content is encoded, and to get the key a user needs to do something-maybe paying money, maybe providing an e-mail address.
Currently, data is encoded as the frequency and phase characteristics of a beam of light.
Efforts are also under way to identify the thousands-and potentially millions-of proteins encoded by those genes.
Data encoded in light pulses can travel farther faster and with lower losses.
The characteristics of this current can reveal information encoded onto the light.
After the beams are encoded with data, they are recombined.
Each amino acid is genetically encoded by a string of three nucleotides, known as a codon.
They consider a transmitter that emits a series of identical molecules and in which information is encoded in the release times.
Many common phrases and proper names were encoded by only two optical symbols, with a substantial gain in speed of transmission.
For that, it will have to depend on a rating system, encoded at the source of the programming.
His secrets remained sealed in the encoded diary he kept in the camp until, after he died, a mathematician helped her decode it.
And then she writes compositions from those secret melodies encoded in the words.
It's a personalized message of affection encoded on a floppy diskette.
Every work print of the movie was encoded with a hidden marker so that it could be identified if it was leaked.
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