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There is something to be said for the confining box of the proscenium stage and the sense of enclosure it can create.
Ask students what zookeepers must consider when building an enclosure for tigers.
Indeed this is a modern version of the enclosure movement.
He is not the first architect to experiment with degrees of openness and enclosure in a stadium.
It has fenced a large enclosure for breeding desert bighorn sheep.
They gave the rats plenty of time to learn the first enclosure.
Both males and females strode about the enclosure picking up fruit and mingling with their friends.
The same desire for enclosure that fuels gated developments is at the heart of the success of golf courses.
Lying in the enclosure of a magnetic resonance imaging machine, the subjects in the experiment had been told not to laugh aloud.
They put a specially reinforced jumbo-sized mirror into the elephants' enclosure.
Old instincts kicked in when a small antelope strayed into the older pair's enclosure and they pounced.
Typically, a polar bear enclosure is only one millionth the size of its minimum home range.
After a few seconds, the animal begins to run frantically around the bottom of the enclosure.
Frequently, the fossils are shielded from the weather and other elements by some kind of building or enclosure.
In the corridor by his enclosure are posters and pictures from children.
Hopefully they'll have sense enough to have a full enclosure so you won't get wet in the rain.
While they never actually go into the enclosure with the bears for safety reasons, they are able to interact with them.
In effect, the commodification of water leads to the enclosure of the water commons.
The turtle will be kept in an enclosure on an island in the lake for the next few weeks until it heals.
The enclosure of the commons for the benefit of few has to be balanced by something.
The lack of an enclosure has no effect on the basic principles.
The walled enclosure also contains an all-weather tennis court and there is a heated swimming pool on the other side of the house.
One at a time, the cheetah is taken from its enclosure on a leash as four people stand by.
She tended to him day and night for three months living in a tent within his enclosure.
On the fourth level, square pillars once supported a tiled, wooden roof of a grand hall leading to the inner enclosure.
These dogs were kept in an outdoor enclosure and it was dead of winter.
He helped arrange for eight people to live in the enclosure for two years, but the experiment was later ridiculed by scientists.
The number of visitors outside an enclosure had no effect on the behaviour of the animals within it.
The enclosure creates a kind of oceanic lake, sheltered on all sides from strong currents.
The enclosure smelled of warm straw and the wet loam of early spring.
We walked over to a nearby enclosure surrounded by barbed wire.
At the open-air nursery, a pair of three-year-old males launched repeated attacks on me through the enclosure fence.
Stress hormone levels drop, for example, when leopards are given a larger enclosure or things to play with.
To mimic the beak's deformation resistance, they use a cylindrical metal enclosure.
Humans must always be in a pressurized enclosure, with a suitable atmosphere and adequate temperature and humidity control.
They then set the mice free to walk around a small enclosure or run on a wheel, recording their brain activity all the while.
If they are so concerned, why don't they part with their gorilla and send him to a larger enclosure.
The animals were raised in the same kind of enclosure, with the same brand of sawdust bedding.
These were walls of netting that ran out to sea from the land and that diverted cod into a boxlike enclosure.
Sixteenth century medieval wall of the pre-enclosure period.
There's little to no hydrostatic pressure, so the enclosure material can be pretty flimsy.
The pool, housed in a mosquito-proof enclosure out back, remained a brilliant blue.
The enclosure is eight feet from the protective railing.
Some trails in the forest extend well outside the enclosure's boundaries.
Build an enclosure for your fire with rocks to deflect heat toward you and your shelter.
Their enclosure is their territory and captive animals typically feel vulnerable or uncomfortable outside of their enclosure.
The bear stands in her icy enclosure, coming out to charge the dogs as they approach.
Shark cage-diving is done in a metal enclosure fixed to the side of the boat in the water.
They were a pretty wild bunch, smothering the kids when they entered their enclosure.
In each enclosure, the dogs have their own roofed house filled layered straw bedding.
Ultimately it has to be put on the zoo for not having an escape proof enclosure.
Officials were perplexed as to why she entered the enclosure.
The first six to twenty pews on both sides of the center aisle are fenced off with white ribbons into a reserved enclosure.
The bearers had a special hut in the king's enclosure in order to be at hand the moment they were wanted.

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