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Example sentences for enclose

The four-story buildings surround and enclose the site.
Huge pots of lavender, their iridescent violet flowers reaching skyward, enclose a bench perfect for writing.
Continue to roll and enclose each filling as neatly as possible.
Get there early for a great spot by the caves that enclose this beach.
It is a typical containment for a large nuclear plant, big enough to enclose a high school gymnasium.
In autumn, leathery fruit capsules enclose glossy seeds.
Put butter in a pot or skillet deep enough to enclose the chicken.
Off to one side, a couple of loops of chicken wire enclose more dust and garbage and a few plants-a zinnia, a lanky avocado.
Enclose each container in a plastic bag, fastening the bag closed to maintain humidity.
Cut and stack each fish fillet as needed to fit at the base of a leaf, leaving enough leaf open to enclose the fish.
Place dough in clean cloth and wrap neatly to enclose.
Pull up edges of cloth to make bag to enclose each tomato half, one at a time, evenly.
Prepare a triple layer of aluminum foil large enough to comfortably enclose the pork.
Bring the wrap around each and twist together to enclose.
Fill neck opening with remaining stuffing and fold over skin to enclose.
Fold one side of the won ton skin to enclose the filling, rolling it cigar-fashion.
Fold the other half of the circle of dough over to enclose the filling.
Bring the wrap around the ice cream and twist the ends together to enclose.
Close flaps of dough and completely enclose the butter.
Fold foil to completely enclose the contents while leaving some room for expansion.
Another popular gimmick has been to enclose gifts, ranging from gloves and stickers to hosiery and handkerchiefs.
The factory makes metal boxes that enclose computer parts.
Enclose the fish and vegetables in the foil, crimping it to seal.
Fold the pastry over to enclose the egg and make a half moon shape.
Starting from short end, roll up meat tightly to enclose filling, using foil as a guide.
Completely enclose meat in dough and roll it into a ball between your hands to seal.
Sushi rolls and wraps, which are among the best of the foods offered, use daikon and lettuce to enclose crunchy fillings.
Sew up the pocket all around with string to enclose the filling.
She ends up losing her contract because she refuses to enclose her chicken houses completely.
First, they enclose a disk of exclusive anime shorts.
It presents five surfaces, which enclose an air cell.
Include hyphens, but do not enclose your search in quotation marks.
Do not enclose any correspondence with your remittance.

Famous quotes containing the word enclose

It is a noble land that God has given us: a land that can feed and clothe the world; a land whose coastlines would more
Thou all sweetness dost enclose Like a little world of bliss. Beauty guards thy looks: the rose In them pur... more
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me, or which i cannot touch because they are too near... more
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