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Example sentences for encircle

Dozens of sculptures with fierce faces encircle the structure and dozens more are part of the structure itself.
He thinks of the grad students who encircle the biggest celebrity at every reception.
To keep ants from reaching their goal, encircle tree trunks with sticky bands for several weeks.
The innermost fibers encircle the lower end of the urethra.
But the cottages that encircle the inn are ten times more romantic.
Encircle an area around the student with the string.
It could start in the countryside and then go on to encircle the cities.
Six flames encircle the roof, each capable of throwing frighteningly loud, hot fireball bursts.
All the debris that would be kicked up into the atmosphere would probably encircle the globe.
There are jogging and cycling paths that encircle the lake.
Hand-painted song lyrics encircle the top of each hotel room.
His officers quickly encircle the suspect and demand that he identify himself and turn over the weapon.
In the final stage of dusk, a brown sediment seemed to encircle the lamps.
From the side, the fender blisters encircle substantial tires and lend presence to the mostly smooth body panels.
Driving the roads that encircle the refuge provides broad vistas of habitat and good chances to see wildlife.
Whorls of three to four entire, triangular shaped leaves encircle the stem.
Five adults would have to hold hands to fully encircle the trunk.
Often a break in the weather is the factor that allows the workers to encircle and contain the fire.
The public roads that encircle the refuge provide good vantage points for viewing wildlife on the refuge and on adjacent lands.
Occasionally, one or more of the ties that encircle the cotton bale breaks.

Famous quotes containing the word encircle

But the body fails us and the mirror knows, and we no longer insist that the gray hush be carried off its surface by the... more
Religion must completely encircle the spirit of ethical man like his element, and this luminous chaos of di... more
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