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It isn't often nowadays that a ballet production can be described as enchanting.
It was an enchanting visit with superb accommodations.
Create an enchanting retreat in a corner of your yard with an outdoor chandelier you can make in an hour.
Because you can now stare at your own enchanting visage, you'll get perfect framing and focusing every time.
The country is peculiarly picturesque end enchanting.
It is a special place and one that is enchanting to visit.
The first iPod was an object of techno-lust, and the product line's design has only become more enchanting.
It is an enchanting evening melody, rarely performed these days.
Coming from an adult, this can be either enchanting or immature and bothersome.
Done during the early hours of the day, it makes for enchanting views of the landscape and wildlife.
Give me the good ole days when flying was as enchanting as it was salubrious.
And those enchanting moments can make the pain of travel suddenly seem worthwhile.
Annette was exotic, enchanting and entrancing, especially to little boys.
It is a troubled place that can't help being enchanting at the same time.
The pool on a warm summer night, reflecting the curvilinear architrave, was surely enchanting.
Anemones appear in an enchanting variety of shapes and colors, but these simple invertebrates are essentially tubelike animals.
At the gate his caretakers whipped off the camels' capes to display their enchanting necks and undeniably symmetrical humps.
Tooling around as a beloved icon in an enchanting place is as addictive as good gelato.
Enchanting, primeval-looking birds with six-foot wingspans, the cranes are intimately connected to the river and its valley.
Here is an enchanting revelation in the history of medicine.
The addition of the simplest pod, berry, or leaf can transform plain greens into enchanting decorations.
The right honorable gentleman is possessed of those enchanting arts whereby he can give grace to deformity.
It is an enchanting land full of medieval cities, dramatic desert landscapes and boasts a colorful local culture.
Guests can rent horses from one of the nearby stables or take a rowboat out for an enchanting excursion.
Though graphically violent in parts, it still manages to be enchanting.
In the smaller villages and hill towns, options are likely to be more limited to small but enchanting inns.
Millions are likely to see this enchanting display by chance in the next six months.
He doesn't see that artists who are beset by personal demons sometimes make art that is ingenious and enchanting.
Some of this is indeed food as poetry: sublime and enchanting.
Virtually the entire cast contributes to make it an enchanting ride.
Some would call the evening's lovely dénouement enchanting.
That's not to say the film didn't have enchanting moments, although they melded seamlessly with my own somnolent hallucinations.
It's filled with enchanting mysteries that demand solutions, and the solutions are withheld until the last page.
But his career is much older and involves decades of quality, innovation and enchanting work in concert dance.
Each park has its own unique attributes, from shorelines to majestic mountains, from winding caves to enchanting woodlands.
Spring through fall, an enchanting water garden invites quiet reflection.
It is a delicate looking plant with a quietly enchanting quality.
They appear timeless whether it's her enchanting cottages, her ethereal landscapes or her heartfelt images of children.
We are far from the enchanting scene depicted above.
On the face of it, life here seems so enchanting and enduring, but in the end it's not so durable.
Hundreds of tourists and locals each year take these enchanting cruises to view the waterways' breathtaking beauty and wildlife.
It would still be beautiful, but perhaps less enchanting.
The combination of nature and architecture in the park is enchanting.
The album makes use of novel studio techniques in creating an enchanting musical experience which transcends genre.

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