enchant in a sentence

Example sentences for enchant

The business of fashion had ceased to enchant by then.
His fellow authors were admonished to inform, to enchant and to tell a story.
In this disenchanted world, they re-enchant you, not in a falsely sweet or obvious way but in a special form of enchantment.
However, even a brief stop will enchant visitors with the remarkable desert landscape.
Jimmy dreamed of a day when coal-slide parks would enchant all the children of the world.
These thin oxide stubs allow enchant to reach the oxide layers underneath the diaphragm during the release etch.

Famous quotes containing the word enchant

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Nor let his Love enchant your generous Mind; 'Tis Natures trick to propagate her Kind. Our fond Begetters, ... more
What intrigued such gentlemen [the editorial writers] was the plain fact Wilson was their superior in their own special ... more
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