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Example sentences for encapsulate

But it is one thing to change the present and another to encapsulate that change as the present becomes the past.
But why catlike creatures known for producing coffee with their faeces should encapsulate emerging-market growth is unclear.
What they did was encapsulate results of numerous studies in a way they felt readable to nonscientists.
In so doing, he underscores the power of dance to both heighten and encapsulate strong emotions.
It may be multipolar, but even that doesn't seem to encapsulate it all.
The final moment could not have been staged better to encapsulate the whole experience.
The latter part is a difficult concept to encapsulate.
What more simple rule could one craft that would encapsulate the way that one should live.
The next line of defense for the body is to encapsulate those toxins in fatty tissue.
Despite seeming vague, though, national curriculums do often encapsulate some aspect of national ideals.
His particular gift is to encapsulate complex historical and biographical events pithily and in an illuminating context.
They can encapsulate an entire life purely by suggestion.
These policies encapsulate human capital, both indigenous and from immigration.
On the other hand, the modified structures maintain other useful traits, perhaps including the ability to encapsulate a drug.
It did add many good features to encapsulate objects, and provide many conceptual tools.
We encapsulate the cells using a protective protein that's engineered to greatly increase the chance they will survive.
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