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Example sentences for encampment

He did so, but reported that it would have to be made in rear of the line of encampment as it then ran.
They made a sort of encampment by the wayside, and the pony became happy in the hedge.
They are always required to leave all their arms a mile or two away before they come into the encampment.
One second, you'd be creeping up on an enemy encampment, the next you'd be pulverized by a kamikaze pilot.
At the back of the encampment, a group had gathered in a circle.
Crowds in the park have thinned considerably since the city cleaned out their encampment, ostensibly in the name of hygiene.
Everyone would rush to the pavilion in middle of the encampment.
Organizers distributed a map with several possible locations for an encampment.
When you live close to an illegal encampment and find neighbours' homes being looted, and you read these stories, you complain.
Walking through an encampment of several hundred could succeed in finding people smoking pot.
However, many protesters don't want to lose their biggest emblem: the urban encampment.
At the end of encampment, the baggie containing all medications will be returned to the cadet prior to their departure.

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We had not gone far before I was startled by seeing what I thought was an Indian encampment, covered with a... more
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