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Example sentences for enamored

I've always been enamored of the human voice as an instrument.
The problem is, too many students are enamored of criminology.
She also has a dog and cat which, though far less enamored of swimming than the other creatures, also end up in the pond.
Our four-year-old is enamored of anything that has to do with building lately.
He could feed us both if he wasn't so enamored of the canned tuna I buy.
But we were less enamored of the bike's handling.
I'm not sure why people are so enamored with it.
Wealthy donors have become enamored of charter schools.
One of the biggest mistakes an aspiring writer can make is to become grossly enamored of a well-established literary figure.
Needless to say, I was less enamored after this little fracas.
To put it more simply, designers have gotten too enamored with software to the exclusion of all else.
We humans are a storytelling species, enamored with our own fantasies and imagination.
It's the whole community of sustainability experts too, enamored with their beautiful but mistaken solutions.
Therefore is the fool enamored of the feel of his tongue in her ear to tickle her understanding.
They're not enamored of expertise, they're enamored of the aura of expertise.
People seem to be overly enamored with the idea of robots to the point of losing a grip on reality here.
The females were so enamored by the pulses that they head-butted the device.
In fact, they were so enamored of their amateurish designs that they valued them as highly as origami made by experts.
Enamored with the mountains, fresh air and good champagne, my husband proposed to me.
Moose make it easy for people to become enamored with them.
Marjorie became quickly enamored with the land and local people and began to write about them.
Few anglers can help but be enamored of this beautiful, spring-f ed waterway that cavorts through wild and rugged forest land.
Many were enamored with the lodge's two dogs, while others screeched as the good-natured mastiffs lumbered up.
Pop culture, the movie industry, and the music industry all seem to be enamored with it right now.
The author explores why people are so enamored of horses.

Famous quotes containing the word enamored

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