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The goal of this new framework is to better enable all countries to adapt to that future climate.
This would enable people to become more specialized.
We're here with hundreds of colleagues to encourage and enable booksellers to master their trade.
Its inventors hope it will enable more blind people to work in offices.
This will enable us to bring our best people to this important meeting.
The exhibit considers how designers seek to enable a nonverbal dialogue through clever design.
This club was created to enable people to enjoy these sports in a congenial setting.
In addition, digital distribution and editing tools now enable audiences to modify the content for their own creative endeavors.
And the government set up an independent body of inspectors to track the results and enable adjustments based on the data.
My concern at times is nothing more than establishing a series of practical conditions that will enable me to work.
But it does enable him to evaluate the risks more soberly.
Now collaborative learning platforms enable students and teachers to stay connected wherever they are, night and day.
They need the attendance policy to help them make good choices that enable them to succeed.
Giving a new twist to the phrase wishful thinking, scientists have demonstrated that thoughts alone can enable action.
The so-called doomsday algorithm uses clever mental arithmetic and mnemonic tricks to enable a quick determination.
New algorithms finally enable machines to tune in to the right speaker, sometimes even better than humans can.
Also, the company would not need to purchase soda ash to enable production of lithium carbonate, as is typically done today.
They still don't have a real brain, but those eyes enable them to actively hunt prey.
Early diagnosis may enable treatment before symptoms appear-intervention that could halt the advance of the disease.
Such cookstoves enable smoke-free cooking and require less fuel, whether it is charcoal, wood or some other alternative.
The clavicle acts especially as a fulcrum to enable the muscles to give lateral motion to the arm.
Our experience is far from being sufficient to enable us to answer this question.
Work was therefore pushed with great vigor on the defences, to enable the minimum number of troops to hold the fort.
Whereupon the emperor gave him a letter to the governor of the province to enable him to obtain satisfaction.
There is required a medium, which may enable the mind to draw such an inference, if indeed it be drawn by reasoning and argument.
Shiny new planes may enable the elite at the expense of the average citizen.
Grocery stores enable people to not have to grow their own food.
And it may finally enable higher education to become the national treasure it claims to be.
Huge gills enable them to live in oxygen-deficient water.
Knowing the genetic sequence of a deadly, infectious strain may enable it to be recreated through reverse engineering.
Investing in hedge funds will enable some lucky managers to enjoy an early retirement on their yachts.
By removing any real human engagement, they enable us to cultivate our narcissism without the risk of disapproval or criticism.
Many of the rest arrive either as students or under provisions that enable family reunions.
Successful places have in common the ability to attract people and to enable them to collaborate.
Historically, rulers liked censuses, because they enable them to conscript and tax their people.
Studios full of the latest technological equipment enable him to work on projects that are monumental in concept as well as scale.
Technique could enable pinpointed delivery of drugs.
Coming soon to the small screen: technology that will enable you to watch anything you want, anytime, anyplace.
The ultimate goal is to enable two-way communication between the prosthetic limb and the wearer.
It is possible to make software tools that enable visceral visualizations of the consequences of current actions.
While increasing the overall bandwidth, these antennas also enable a technique called beam forming.
Large multi-touch displays enable two or more fingers to tap and trace on a surface.
We are developing new kinds of neural stimulators, for example, that enable highly targeted manipulations of the brain.
The new gel, successfully tested in rats, could also enable more complex robotic surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery.
While the devices enable many users to converse easily and use telephones, they still fall short of restoring normal hearing.
Better ultrasound transducers, which generate the acoustic waves, enable more-precise focusing of ultrasound energy.
Concentrators enable you to decrease the size of the active solar cell.
It could also enable novel kinds of photographic manipulation.
Cloak a living area in a thick enough blanket of it and it will enable astronauts to live radiation-free.
Particularly useful are the paths of the rover that enable the location of flag to be identified with precision.
The existence of reasoning is to help us to find the banana first, it isn't to enable philosophers to discover scientific truths.
Perhaps they make life easier or more pleasurable, or enable the buyer to be more productive.
Hopefully, improved experimental precision will enable us to pin the correct figure down to the nearest tenth of a percent.
Good friends enable all manner of bad habits, even when they're doing nothing at all.
He's an expert listener, overhearing conversations that enable him to rub off his rough edges and advance his interests.
The role of race and poverty in access to foods that enable individuals to adhere to dietary guidelines.

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