en_route in a sentence

Example sentences for en_route

My truck arrived at my destination a day or two late because the driver ended up quitting while en route to the destination.
These letters would be sorted en route to the central transfer point.
But, en route, the suitcase and its priceless cargo were stolen.
Every outgoing train is crowded with tourists en route to their city homes or the mountain resorts.
En route, you'll also visit several places of worship.
She took a ship instead-which was promptly torpedoed en route.
Hear her talk about the ups and downs experienced en route to realizing her life dream.
En route you'll hike through castle ruins and roam small villages.
There are intriguing stops along each of these lines, leaving it up to the traveler to decide how long to linger en route.
The chef prepares four-star-quality meals with fresh ingredients purchased en route.
The royal family paraded down this road in chariots en route to rituals.
Sometimes there could be several waybills en route to a treasure.
Controllers already communicate from afar while planes are en route, but this will be a first for tower operations.
Try paying attention, say, to all the potted plants you see en route-then retrace your steps from fern to ficus to foyer.
Spacecraft have lost solar power en route, crashed into the surface, or simply gone dead seconds after landing.
The driver stopped twice en route to telephone in his road progress.
Apparently he was en route to graduation until he over-reached.
If you want to speed up or slow down, you can indicate that en route.
They might need a lot of remedial courses en route to a job, but they may have relatively few scheduling concerns.
Contact the programs you have applied to and explain that the test scores are en route.
The money is tripled en route, and the trustee must then decide how much to give back to the investor.
En route to the game, he explained lacrosse to the cab driver.
Trains, planes, and motorcars take care of extensive sight- seeing en route.
The chemicals break free en route to the next dendrite synapse.
While the light is en route, the galaxies are moved apart, and then brought to rest again before it is absorbed.
The plan may have been to explode them en route, perhaps as the plane was landing.
The animals are en route, but the fruit trees are already here.
He recalls an incident when, en route to drop off his college application, he stopped to ask for directions.
But en route to that moral, it turns out the story has been tidied up a little.
Thus the dancer conveys only the direction of the food source and the total amount of image motion that should occur en route.
Another group putted between two corks en route to the target.
En route to dinner, it received a pleasurable electric shock.
We'll do a majority of the sampling and trawling en route.
En route, supposedly, one realizes one's responsibility for one's own boredom.
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