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If that means employing discretion around archaic or racist terms, so be it.
It's a funny reference, but it's also a clue to how she came to build her new sound, employing culturally incongruous elements.
Most of all, she was not employing technology for technology's sake, but using it to solve problems to help real people.
Founded and grew city's premier small business computer problem-solving and training company, employing four people.
Employing fear and intimidation to stifle speech and debate.
By shaping your response in this manner you a disingenuous and employing a rhetorical sleight-of-hand.
Artists have been producing large-scale and intimate works employing various properties of sticky notes for a few years now.
Military and business leaders are scheduled to open the program of interesting business firms in employing handicapped veterans.
One country's military has already come close to employing this tactic on the battlefield: our own.
Companies have become used to employing people part-time to keep the costs of benefits and severance low.
But a small army was waiting for them on the beach, employing bright lights that blinded the commandos.
Fully to benefit by this, both doctors and public would have to use self-control in not employing nurses indiscriminately.
Another popular method of employing apparent surplus income would be to lower the pension age below sixty-five.
But having the honor of employing these artists did nothing for the education of these people.
Instead they are employing a computer to generate novel games and patterns.
And even that can be avoided by employing a reasonably competent accountant.
They are small, often family-run firms employing an average of ten people.
Artists have worked in the genre for more than two millennia employing an exceptionally wide range of materials.
Employing people you look down on may be a cheap way to feel better about yourself.
If companies are employing the immigrants, than there must be a valid reason.
Indeed, since researchers started employing genetically altered animals this way, that number has been creeping back up.
Parlour owners get round this by not employing anyone.
However, employing boundary-layer ingestion means the airflow into the engine is not uniform.
And he was not alone in employing it to emphasise the interlocking fortunes of the two nations.
The pro-nuclear side is finally considering employing similar tactics, to level the playing field.
Chimpanzees usually sleep in the trees as well, employing nests of leaves.
The home makes use of native resources, employing recycled sheep's wool as insulation.
And the search, employing ever more innovative strategies, continues.
The company is employing a much cheaper weapon in the fight to cut energy consumption: human psychology.
They had somehow forgotten their objections to employing other people.
He slept generally in his chariots or litters, employing even his rest in pursuit of action.
He is suspicious of employing the usual narrative procedures.
If there was a problem about employing children it had to do only with their endurance.
He worriedly emphasized to the reporter that he was employing other people's stereotypes.
The animals are employing new feeding behaviors and migration patterns.
The villages employing saris, in particular, had a disease rate that was half that of villages using unfiltered water.
What's more, the clean energy, conservation and efficiency sectors are employing hundreds of thousands of workers.
As long as they are employing more and more people im happy no what they build.
However, it's a little unconvincing that employing rats to study the effect of alcohol on decision-making.
Stone mining was a critical industry, employing thousands of people.
The thought process you are employing is cynical and disingenuous.
He tried everything from rallying the neighbors to having the beach policed, to employing private security patrols.
And this will create jobs, high-tech jobs, employing tens of thousands of people.
The same method could also be used with a twist, employing a particle accelerator instead of a reactor.
In fact, it would seem to be worse in their case because they push the data even harder by employing larger statistical models.
The latest detox trends evoke the past, once again employing hydrotherapy techniques.
His employing office denied the election and gave him this initial decision in writing.
It would also have ended routine state inspections of companies employing children.
For the adults employing them, the relationship is different.

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