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Employees pour in and say hello to each other as they swipe their employee cards.
All was good except that the building lacked a cafeteria for its employees.
But the financial backers also watched out for their employees' spiritual welfare.
As he looked around the room, he noted that my employees seemed happy.
And now he is playing the doddering, out-of-touch old fool who was betrayed by his feckless employees.
Employees are to take the proper measures to keep from contaminating the peanuts at all times after they have been roasted.
Phones give phone company employees a record of who you've been calling.
Thousands of agricultural employees were thrown out of work.
High bandwidths are required for this as employers will require monitoring to insure that their employees are actually working.
First you can tell when it is the fan club, or employees, that post by what they say.
She will give her employees the autonomy and freedom they need to flourish.
Citizens were merely employees who had no enforced legal protections unless the profits or power of the monarch were at stake.
It's unclear whether the findings generalize to blue-collar workers and employees in the private sector, the authors report.
Let's say a boss gives a task to two employees, one creative and one a memorizer.
At the other end of the spectrum, some companies are giving their employees stipends to encourage them to buy their own devices.
Between them, consumers and employees have made a strong business case for sustainability.
Listening to your employees at every level is one of the best paths to new insights.
The service requires employees to establish a network of trusted peers, mentors and managers whose opinions they value.
Companies are creating an ever-growing pile of digital information, from product designs to employees' e-mails.
Public employees receive substantially lower wages, but much better benefits than their private sector counterparts.
All this fuss suggests, not that bosses are growing more horrible, but that employees expect them to be more agreeable.
The private sector has been switching to defined-contribution plans, in which employees bear the investment risk.
Their product is their employees' knowledge and their distribution channels are the relationships between their staff and clients.
For many corporate leaders it is a vital part of their attempt to motivate employees and to set priorities.
The great majority of employees work full-time for the corporation.
GE divides its employees into three groups based on their promise.
Interest-free car loans are available to all employees.
Initial tests of the program involve employees of regional utilities.
Some companies are offering free flu shots for their workers, but others are sending employees to a doctor or clinic.
McDonald's employees are treated with respect and recognized for their contributions.
If you offer health insurance to your employees, it's likely you will too.
Yet, as word spread, scores of other employees resigned as well.
The brainstorm had turned his employees into imagination machines.
It's less common to find them used to fund major business expansions or to hire new employees.
Businesses can talk to customers and suppliers, and employees in different offices can speak with each other.
One theme many had in common: huge indoor grow areas, with almost no employees other than family.
Your so-called company has no employees, yet you style yourself as its president.
If you suspect employees are not loyal, hire private detectives to investigate them.
After all, government employees or not, people will be people.
On average, people reported they had been presentee employees about three days in the past six months.
When it comes to communications, the best way to be humble is to listen to your employees, customers and the community.
But then another cost results: you have to pay the salaries and benefits of those new employees.
As a result, the bonuses they are able to pay out to employees will also be necessarily lower.
The idea here is that rating agency employees who quit to work for an issuer might have rated its deals more favorably.
Apple likely has two years of products in the pipeline, a loyal customer base, and intensely loyal employees.
Some public employees may yet wait awhile to see which way the wind is blowing before heeding the calls to return to work.
Employment-based insurance would disappear, to be replaced by increased wages for employees.
N ever in history has a group of employees had it so good.
In fact, bookstore employees were largely unaware of the significance of today's date.
Many of the children wore diapers, because there weren't enough employees to toilet-train them.
Over the days preceding the homeward flight, four company employees had inspected the airplane before consummating the purchase.
Your company doesn't need a lofty mission to make employees care.
And legal experts suggest that could be bad news for consumers and employees.
Most big media organizations mediate the discourse of their employees because that's the business they are in.
Four businesses, and the thousands of employees who worked there.
The stock was punished and so were the company's employees.
Most employees don't have any control over the structure of their health insurance.
Employees started wearing their badges around town as a sign of their achievement.
The audience, consisting of the truest of true believers--Cisco employees--is an easy sell.
The following is guidance on training non-Government employees.

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